Do Not Support Anti-Working Class Uber

Uber drivers protest against working conditions outside the company's office in Santa Monica

Smooth FM are currently putting-out adverts for the taxi form ‘Uber’. This firm exploits its workers to the maximum with zero hours contracts and no unions, etc. The workers even have to provide their own vehicles to use as taxis – whilst Uber refuses to acknowledge its workers as ‘employees’. What is ironic about these adverts that portray no workers’ rights as ‘freedom’, is that the voice-over artists are all members of Equity (the acting union), who are fully protected by union rights, employment law, and royalty acquisition, etc. These ‘actors’ – whilst fully benefiting from Socialist unionism – are assisting the fascist Uber firm in its misleading of the general public, and the disempowering of the working class. A lack of union rights is effectively a state of slavery and in no way can it be defined as being ‘free’. Choosing when and when not to work is no substitute for possessing proper working rights.

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