George Orwell: Trotskyite and Arch Traitor to the Left!


George Orwell was a middle class White man born into the heart of British imperialism in India – as his father was an official who managed the the export of opium grown in India – which was exported to the British Authorities stationed in China, where it was distributed throughout the population of China. Of course, as a member of a privileged class he went to Eton – an exclusive ‘Public’ school for the children of the rich and powerful in the UK. Following this, and acting fully inaccordance with his bourgeois leanings, George Orwell became a Colonial Police Officer – whose job it was to enforce the British imperialist presence in that country. As his family possessed wealth, he was able to live a life of leisure – writing here and there – after leaving the Colonial Police Force. During the Spanish Civil War, he joined a Trotskyite militia whose main function was to combat the Soviet International Brigades – whilst pretending to be fighting the fascists. The (Socialist) Republican government disbanded this militia for proven collaboration with General Franco’s fascist forces – but of course, George Orwell denies this real function. In fact, in 1938, Leon Trotsky called upon his followers to actively collaborate with the forces of International Fascism as a means of over-throwing the democratic, capitalist countries – and the Soviet Union. When returning to the UK – Orwell embarked upon an embittered anti-Soviet tirade with his ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘1984’ books being attempted ‘ahistorical’ Trotskyite critiques of the Soviet Union. As a White bourgeois male who had benefited from his class and colour, Orwell possessed a turn of phrase that has captivated many – but beware of exactly what it is that you are admiring! Like all Trotskyites – Orwell’s leftism is a charade behind which a true rightwing agenda is hidden. His mission was to attack and bring down the Soviet Union (for Trotsky), whilst undermining through misrepresentation, the Scientific Socialism of Marxist-Leninism. As his establishment-friendly rhetoric matched perfectly with the developing anti-Soviet Cold War ideology of post-WWII, Orwell became an establishment figure in the UK and across the capitalist world. Instead of being scene as he truly was – as an opportunistic Trotskyite – George Orwell is often (and mistakenly) interpreted to be some kind of political and literary genius! In reality, like all Trotskyites, Orwell strove to support the racist and oppressive bourgeois establishment. His books are nothing but Cold War trash written for brain-washing small children!

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