On Being Chinese…


The Chinese diaspora should make more of an effort to relate to China – the historical and cultural home of their ethnicity. A certain type of White person will not like this (and will cast aspersions of ‘disloyalty’), but this kind of White people tells you to go back to China anyway – so why listen to these racist morons? China is a great civilisation that far pre-dates Greece and Rome, and of course, the development of a distinctive European culture. This does not mean that European culture is in anyway ‘inferior’ (far from it), or that Westerners are of an ‘inferior’ race, but rather that Western racism is wrong because it is premised upon a false interpretation of history.


China is not ‘inferior’, her culture is not ‘inferior’ and neither are her people (wherever they live in the world. Chinese people (of the diaspora) should stop supporting the economic capitalist system because it has served as the basis for the imperialist oppression China suffered in the 19th and 20th centuries, and is exactly the same basis that underlies contemporary trends in Western notions of anti-Chinese racism. If you are Chinese and think Western capitalism is ‘better’ than Chinese Communism, then you are not only misled in your opinions, but you are participating in supporting and sustaining the very socio-economic system that (through the division of labour and manufacturing of ‘nationalism’) perpetuates the very anti-Chinese racism you are experiencing. Think about this the next time you instinctively take the American side during a dispute with China – you have already betrayed the notion of ‘internationalism’, and played into the hands of White racists – who will reject and embrace you with equal vigour!  If Westerners can ‘love’China – so can you!

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