China: US Marine Learns Straight Sword (1945)


Whilst the US trained a Nationalist army faction to assist Chiang Kai-Shek to invade Taiwan, The same US had formally requested that the Soviet Red Army enter North-East China to take-on and defeat the occupying Japanese imperial forces. Whilst Soviet (and Chinese) Red Army soldiers died in their tens of thousands fighting the Japanese, the US Marine Corps luxuriated in Beijing – spending their peaceful leisure time ‘learning’ Chinese martial arts from Nationalist sympathisers. There is every indication that prior to 1949, the US had plans of ‘legitimising’ US-China ties, but that after the Communist Revolution (that saw Mao Zedong victorious), the US underwent a radical re-think which involved the rapid re-arming of Japan (following its defeat to the Western powers in 1945), After 1949 it was not the study of Chinese culture (and martial arts) that was encouraged in the West, but rather the martial arts of fascist Japan. Japanese fighting systems that had been used during WWII against the Western allies, now became the preferred CIA means of spreading Japanese influence throughout Europe and America, and cementing a re-born Japan as an essential ‘frontline’ ally against a potentially threatening Communist China. This also led to the whole-importation of Japanese Zen Buddhist teachers – many of whom had pursued a ruthless and highly race-hate filled interpretation of a distorted ‘Zen’, both years before and during WWII – DT Suzuki being just one example amongst many. The US turned a blind eye to these war crimes in pursuance of their ‘new’ Cold War strategy.

Chinese Language Reference:左右中-王缉思:我们坚信,中美关系终归要好起/

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