Nationalist China at the Berlin Olympics (1936)

Of course, Master Kou Yun Xing accepted the challenge on behalf of the honour of China and a referee was chosen to administer the fight (in public). Master Kou Yun Xing adopted pre-emptive footwork that baffled his flat-footed and one-dimensional opponent. Then with a flurry of lightning fast punches, the Finnish boxer was knocked to the floor and could not continue.

Taijiquan for Self-Defence

However an individual arrives at Taijiquan mastery, the fact remains that the bones and joints are aligned (allowing the bodyweight to drop unhindered into the ground – creating an equal and opposite rebounding force), creating a rounded posture that deflects any incoming force – making the bones appear to have the density of concrete (thus damaging the opponent’s attacking limbs). This is internal iron vest.

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