Cornwall: Pendavy Stretching Stone


Situated in the private picturesque garden of ‘The Old Barn’ (Higher Pendavy,North Cornwall), this ancient ‘Celtic’ stone was once used in ancient rituals and ceremonies marking the seasons of year, births, deaths, and preparing warriors for battles. It is said that this stone was used for ‘stretching’ the spine within the context of a ‘spiritual’ ceremony linked to Celtic preparations for battle, and to a now lost form of ancient Celtic medicine – according to the elderly residents that live nearby. There is even talk of the Celtic King Arthur stopping by this stone to ‘worship’ on his way to a major battle in the area (Arthur’s final battle at Camlann in 537 CE – which happened on or around the site of the modern ‘Slaughterbridge’), with the modern Camelford believed to have been Arthur’s Royal Court of Camelot. This area is full of Arthurian Legend – with ‘King Arthur’s Stone’ (engraved with Ogham and Latin characters) situated on the bank of the River Camel, and associated with the Battle of Camlann Believed to date to the 6th century CE). Today, we paid homage to this ancient site, and carefully made use of the ‘stretching’ stone once again:









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