How South Korea ‘Disinforms’ About North Korea


Whereas North Korean State media reports factual news articles about South Korea (and its allies) to its own population, the same cannot be said about the behaviour of the South Korean media. Although there are many examples of this in ROC-produced Chinese language sources (designed to affect opinion outside of Mainland China), I reference just one here (see below), dated as 18.2.2016. The ROC does nothing through its own volition, but faithfully pursues US foreign policy in every move it makes against the DPRK. Therefore, ROC propaganda is a priori anti-Communist in nature, and designed to ridicule and disparage the DPRK at every turn. No mater what the story is about, the ROC reflects a highly distorted version with little grounding in material fact, whilst always alleging that DPRK media sources are being accessed and consulted. In fact, most ROC stories are purely fictional and have no corresponding DPRK media source – despite ROC claims. An assessment of the language used in these false-flag reports, and the thought processes behind them, appear distinctly ‘European’ in origin, and generated from a position of Western, racist attitudes – before being translated into the Korean and Chinese languages. The obvious candidate for these missives, is of course the CIA. The titles often allude to a certain ‘comedic’ quality assumed by Western racists to exist in their brand of Eurocentric prejudice. For instance, the article below carries the Chinese language title of ‘連5年榮獲「最佳穿著男士」的金正恩下令要送反北韓人士恐嚇包裹。(圖/翻攝自DPRK News Service推特)’. This states that Kim Jong Un has authorised an all-out ‘terrorist’ attack on any people holding anti-DPRK.  The apparent ‘comedic’ element is that Kim Jong Un has had himself ‘voted’ the ‘Best Man’ in the DPRK five years in a row! This headline portrays the DPRK as a despotic and tyrannical regime, run by an egotistical and maniacal mad man (shades of Team America). Straight-away the damage is done and the stage is set.  The article goes on to explain that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un issued a directive to the General Staff of the Korean People’s Army criticising the joint military exercise held by the United States and South Korea, demanding that there should be a ‘positive strengthening’ of the terrorist attacks upon South Korea. The fact that these US-ROC military exercises are designed to intimidate and terrorise the DPRK is not mentioned, and neither is the fact that the US and ROC forces routinely violate DPRK airspace and coastal waters – trying to goad the DPRK into a military show-down. The ROC then fabricates a non-existent ‘list’ of preferred terrorist activities aimed at anti-DPRK elements, supposedly authorised by Kim Jong Un – which includes the kidnapping of South Korean government, military and civilian personnel, sending intimidating parcels to ROC citizens, threats against personal safety, disrupting State and public facilities, and cyber-attacks aimed at the ROC government and financial sector. This reads exactly like an Islamophobic American list, aimed to ‘criminalise’ all Muslims throughout the world. The theatre may change, but the US racist rhetoric remains exactly the same. Indeed, this fallacious story was subsequently used to direct the ROC Parliament – to as quickly as possible – pass a law that would create an ROC-version of the US ‘Patriot Act’. This would involve the restricting of ROC civil liberties under the guise of ‘fighting terrorism’ – a terrorist threat that does not exist. The article then goes on to say that the joint US-ROC military incursions against the DPRK territory is required because the DPRK possesses nuclear weapons – certain of which the DPRK has recently tested. Of course, nothing is mentioned about US nuclear capability – or the permanent US military presence in South Korea.

Chinese Language Reference: (ROC assuming the DPRK is a ‘terrorist’ State)

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