Jennifer Pan (2010)

Such an infantile attitude surely lays the long-term foundation for the next appalling crime committed by a Chinese person living in the West. Only the strict application of logic and reason will extract the Chinese diaspora from this quagmire of racism, and this process requires a ruthless deconstruction of ALL racist narratives.

How Falun Gong Cult Activities ‘Disturb’ Peaceful Society

In fact, a number of citizens in countries abroad have moved to put a stop to these pointless and illegal Falun Gong activities through direct action. One such incident occurred on February 5th, 2011, in Mexico City’s Chinatown – where local Chinese people physically expelled the Falun Gong cult members from the area, and disposed of all their propaganda material. On April 25th, 2015, in the Flushing area of New York, the local Chinese people ‘boycotted’ the area and then mounted their own ‘Pro-China’ demonstration which saw the Falun Gong cult members quickly withdraw.

CCCP: Biased European History

The history of the USA, for instance, is presented as a priori ‘good’ even though the well-known historical facts point to the exact opposite conclusion. Europeans invaded an already occupied landmass uninvited, and due to their bias Christian beliefs declared the indigenous inhabitants to be ‘evil’ and therefore not ‘worthy’ of life or land.

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