Cadres & Masses Protest Illegal Falun Gong Activity in Hebei Province (2002)


Original Chinese Article By: Zhou Wenguang (周文廣)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On July 8th, 2002, hundreds of people gathered in Shijiazhuang Cultural Square before a  big screen, as part of a multifaceted protest against the recent illegal activities of the Falun Gong cult. A documentary detailed every facet of the Falun Gong’s illegal hijacking of the China’s Xinnuo satellite system, revealing how Li Hongzhi (the cult’s founder) had order this criminal behaviour as a means to broadcast false Falun Gong anti-China propaganda. Although the illegal Falun Gong activity was short-lived and easily defeated, ordinary Chinese people responded with anger at this ‘foreign’ intrusion into the lawful and orderly interior of the Chinese homeland. The ordinary Chinese people thoroughly condemned Li Hongzhi and his illegal Falun Gong cult as being thoroughly ‘evil’.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Chinese Language Text:


  7月8日,數百名市民在石家莊文化廣場大屏幕前,通過電視了解由李洪志操縱和指揮境外“法輪功”邪教組織實施的以非法信號攻擊我國鑫諾衛星,致使中央和部分省級電視臺節目受到嚴重幹擾的情況後,紛紛譴責李洪志及其“法輪功”的罪惡行徑。  新華社記者周文廣攝

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