Raoul Wallenberg – CIA Operative

Raoul Wallenberg (1912-1947)

During WWII, a number of Eastern European countries such as Hungary, actively supported Adolf Hitler’s Nazi German regime, and enthusiastically endorsed and applied its racial and sexual hygiene laws (which served as the ideological underpinnings of the holocaust that murdered 11 million people – including 6 millions Jews – as well as Romany people, the Disabled, the Homosexuals and all kinds of dissidents, including Socialists and Communists). Hungary possessed a very strong anti-Semitic rightwing that thought nothing of applying the destructive Nazi ideology against its own people. Raoul Wallenberg was not Hungarian, however, but rather a very successful Swedish businessman and diplomat stationed in that country during WWII. Not only this, but as Sweden was also a supporter of Nazi Germany during WWII (providing natural resources for the Nazi war machine), Raoul Wallenberg – as a ‘racially pure’ Swedish citizen – was permitted to travel around Nazi Germany and its conquered European territories unhindered. During these travels, he was able to observe first-hand how Nazi anti-Semitic policies were applied and developed a deep disgust for Hitler’s murderous regime. As he possessed extensive business interests in Hungary, he applied his considerable abilities to rescuing around 100,000 Jewish people, and preventing them from being transported to the gas chambers. For this remarkable anti-fascist activity (that placed his life in continuous danger), the modern State of Israel conferred upon Raoul Wallenberg the designation of ‘Righteous Gentile’ – a title very seldom used to describe non-Jews.

When the Soviet Red Army ‘liberated’ Hungary from its fascist over-lords in 1944, a worker’s government was implemented that set about purging the country of its fascist past. For reasons that are not yet clear, Raoul Wallenberg was detained by the Soviet Authorities in January 1945, and transported to Russia (probably Moscow). At the time, he was escorted by two Soviet Red Army motorcyclists, and Raoul Wallenberg was reported as saying that he wasn’t sure whether he was being protected or arrested. When relatives and friends made concerned enquiries between 1945 and 1947, the Soviet Authorities stated that as a diplomat, Raoul Wallenberg was under USSR protection, and that there was nothing to worry about (a contrary story appears in Western accounts, which state that the Soviet Authorities also claimed in March, 1945, that Raoul Wallenberg and his driver were killed en route to the Soviet Headquarters in Debrecen – by Nazi troops). Two years later (in 1947), the Soviet Authorities denied any knowledge of Raoul Wallenberg (and his driver detained with him). Although modern (capitalist) Russia has made public virtually all the previously ‘secret’ Soviet Archives – the file regarding Raoul Wallenberg remains firmly ‘closed’. This seems odd on the face of it, as Raoul Wallenberg was an avid anti-fascist, but of course, being an anti-fascist does not necessarily equate with being ‘pro-Soviet’. However, with the information that is available within Russian language sources, Raoul Wallenberg does not appear to have made any overt anti-Soviet statements. What is clear, is that the ‘secret’ information regarding Raoul Wallenberg must be so sensitive that every Russian leader from Stalin to Putin has refused to reveal it. However, new information appeared in 1957. A file pertaining to Raoul Wallenberg contained a single document. This report was from a prison doctor stationed at Lubyanka Prison, and stated that the prisoner – Raoul Wallenberg – died of a heart attack in his cell on July 17, 1947,with his body being cremated (without autopsy) in the grounds of the Donskoy Monastery in Moscow.

In the US 1996, it was revealed by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that Raoul Wallenberg was a CIA operative working in Hungary during WWII – tasked with ‘spying’ on the Nazi Germans, the collaborating Hungarian Authorities, and the Soviet Authorities. His cover-story was exposed in part as being that of an ‘anti-fascist’, and his activities in rescuing Jewish people was part of his espionage work. As modem Russia is now a (capitalist) bourgeois State, Raoul Wallenberg was declared a ‘hero’ in 2000, and in 2001, a statue was raised in his honour in the grounds of the State Library of Foreign Literature in Moscow. In the meantime, whilst still not opening the Soviet era files on Raoul Wallenberg, Russia (and Sweden for that matter), continues to ‘ignore’ the fact that Raoul Wallenberg was a CIA operative, and that this information has now been made public in the USA.

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