Fushun City: Two Falun Gong Criminals Imprisoned


Original Chinese Language Text By: Xinhua News Agency (新華社)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

News Article filed on the 30th of April. On April 29th, the Fushun City Intermediate People’s Court, publicly tried two dangerous ‘Falun Gong’ serious criminal elements, for the crime of sabotage on China’s traffic infrastructure and facilities. These two Falun Gong practitioners, working on orders from foreign countries, were caught in the act of planning and carry-out ‘terrorist’ attacks on the Chinese Mainland. This court case evolved around the increase of Falun Gong terrorist activities on Mainland China, and how this cult uses ‘infiltration’ techniques to smuggle illegal Falun Gong literature into the homeland, and attempts to corrupt the minds and bodies of ordinary Chinese citizens, with the stated intention of bringing down the sovereign Government of China. The Falun Gong is a criminal organisation that does not care about those it brain-washes into carry-out terrorist activities for its founder. As the Chinese Government is lenient – Dou Zhenyang (竇振洋) – as the ring-leader, has been sentenced to life imprisonment (instead of execution), with the further punishment of deprivation of political rights for life. As Wang Hongjun (王洪軍) was misled by Dou Zhenyang – he has been sentenced to only 13 years in prison. Both criminals have been convicted of terrorist activities aimed at China’s transport infrastructure. This action against criminal elements has saved the lives of innocent Chinese citizens. The Falun Gong is a foreign invention that has no legitimacy in China – do not practice it or give refuge to the criminal elements that embrace it.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Chinese Language Article:




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