Kim Sung-il Praises the Soviet Red Army!


“If the Soviet Army had not liberated Korea – Kim Il Sung said, – there could not have been a free North Korea. Therefore, the Soviet Union’s victory in World War II opened a new page in the history of the Korean people. “

In the report of the meeting of representatives of democratic political parties, social organizations and administrative departments of the People’s Committees of North Korea – held on February 8, 1946 -Kim Il Sung said:

“After the heroic Soviet Army defeated the Japanese imperialists and liberated Korea, the situation in our country has changed radically forever. For the Korean people have gained their liberation and freedom, and have a bright future, and a powerful momentum on the path of building a democratic independent state.”

At the solemn meeting in honour of the 10th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK on September 8, 1958, Kim Il Sung said:

“With the liberation of Korea, the great Soviet Army freed us from the colonial yoke of Japanese imperialism, and consequently, our people have opened a wide road to national independence and democratic development of the country.”

At the Liberation Monument, built in the DPRK, in the Russian and Korean languages is written:

“Eternal glory to the great Soviet Army that liberated the Korean people from the yoke of Japanese militarists, and opened the way to freedom and independence.”

Russian Language Reference:


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