The Eurocentric Racism Aimed at Miss Helsinki (2017)




Not long after the 1917 Communist Revolution in Russia, Finland was given its independence from Russia, by Lenin.  The capitalist West then used Finland as a spring-board for all kinds of counter-revolutionary activity during the Russian Civil War and after.  In the early 1930’s, Finland entered into an alliance with Hitler’s Nazi Germany and assisted that despicable regime’s invasion of the USSR in the 1940’s.  Finland has always been a hot-bed of rightwing racism and xenophobia. With the collapse of Soviet Communism in 1991, and the mass importation of capitalism and neo-Nazism, a number of Russians now share Finnish racist attitudes (despite Russia losing 27 to 40 million people fighting fascism during WWII). This normalising of racism in Eastern Europe with the racism of Western Europe, has been most evident in the reception of the result of a beauty pageant held in Helsinki – Finland.  The internet in Russia and the West has been abuzz with the most vicious and hate-filled racism imaginable, following victory of  Sephora Ikalaba (a 19 year old African migrant), who was voted ‘Miss Helsinki’ 2017. White racists from across Europe have gone online to ‘protest’ the decision, and although writing in many languages, the racism expressed is always the same.  Sephora, so the racists state, is ‘ugly’, and was voted the winner because of ‘political correctness’, and not because of any merit she might possess.  The racists are of the opinion that all the ‘White’ contestants were far better ‘looking’, and that Sephora should not have won the competition.  Other racists raise the false issue of ‘White victim-hood’, and state that soon the White race will nolonger exist, or that White people will lose control of their countries, if such ‘multicultural’ results continue to occur.  Of course, none of these racists discuss that beauty pageants are demeaning to the women that participate in them, or that the women participating are being physically exploited.  With the collapse of Communist ‘Internationalism’, the racism of capitalism has become rampant throughout the former Soviet Union.  Although I am not interested in women being treated like slabs of meat (as if ‘looking’ a certain way constitutes an achievement in the real world), I support Sephora’s right to live in Finland and to participate ‘equally’ in all Finnish cultural activities.


  1. I have allowed this comment on my blog – not because I agree with its obvious bourgeois and trolling nature, I do not – but rather because it ‘proves’ the two clear defining points of prejudice and discrimination exposed through my above Marxist-Leninist post:

    1) Misogyny – or the assumption that patriarchal males possess the (a priori) right to inflict arbitrary (and fabricated) notions of beauty on all women, thus creating a false dichotomy between those who are ‘accepted’ and those who are ‘rejected’ on a (male) whim. Men have no right to project this inherently ‘sexist’ attitudes on to women.

    2) Eurocentric racism – or the assumption that ‘White’ males possess the (a priori) right to inflict arbitrary (and fabricated) notions of beauty on all ‘non-White’ women, premised upon a ‘false’ notion of ‘White’ beauty that must be used in the hierarchical racialisation of all non-White women – like the White slave-master using the whip to inflict his inverted mind-set. White males have no right to ‘judge’ the ‘acceptability’ of a Black woman, because such a judgement is inherently ‘racist’. ACW 9.1.2017

    Marco Vignola Wrote:

    ‘We had a black Miss Italy a few years ago and she was a true beauty. A true dream girl. This black girl has the right to do whatever she wants, but honestly she was the ugliest of the lot. In a beauty contest beauty actually matters, and she was very far from the standards of her competitors, The golden age Naomi Campbell could have won the contest without complaints, being one of the most gorgeous ladies in the world. This girl however is very far from her standards. Black beauties are something else.’


  2. Fighting the intellectually challenged is always its own reward! Seeing their glazed eyes roll into the back of their heads because they cannot see beyond their capitalist induced stupor – is a joy to behold! This is part of the ongoing battle against fascism (which Lenin described as capitalism in decay). Fascists are still ‘capitalists’, but they follow a destructive form of capitalism devoid of liberal democracy, and premised upon ignorant hatred and violence on the outer plain (which is reflective of the inner turmoil that defines their damaged psychological states). I must have hit a ‘rightwing’ nerve in this post, as a number of fascists have made sexist and racist comments on this post giving their Facebook page as their addresses. For instance, the White American racist ‘Gonna Cry’ made this original post:

    Gonna Cry wrote on 2017/01/12 at 7:23 pm:

    ‘Looks like a sidewalk hooker.’

    Obviously after a few seconds of deliberation, this comment was replaced with this more elaborate but still stereotypical (post-Trump) anti-left post, that exhibits ‘made-up’ words (a continuation of the policy of Hitlerite ‘lying’) ACW 12.1.2017:

    Gonna Cry wrote on 2017/01/12 at 7:24 pm:

    ‘You commies always with bullshit emponderation… Your time is over, pollitical correctness is done.. try another strategy, fucker’


  3. She’s beautiful.

    The reaction you describe reminds me of Obama critics who describe Michelle as ugly (often saying so in deplorable terms). I just can’t see it, or explain it any other way than racism. I can think of plenty of non-racist reasons people might not like the Obamas, but to describe such a beautiful woman as an ape for example, it just removes all doubt as to their motivations.


    1. Racism is illogical – and so no logic can be found within it. The point these rightwing morons are making is that they are intellectually and morally deficient – and are, therefore, qualified to support the political far-right. As for President Obama – perhaps the eternal stain on his character is not the racism aimed at him or his family (which I fully condemn) – but rather his support for the neo-Nazi ‘Madan’ regime that illegally took power in Western Ukraine in 2014!. This regime perpetuates the very same ‘White’ racism in the Ukraine that has been (and still is) perpetuated against Black people in the US!


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