Red Cross Deployed to Replace NHS Service in the UK (2017)


Red Cross deployed to cope with NHS ‘humanitarian crisis’

I find it interesting observing how my family and friends – who work in various aspects of the NHS – experience the ‘reality’ of the unfolding Tory (and LibDem) plan to fully ‘dismantle’ the NHS founding principle of a fully comprehensive healthcare service ‘free at the point of use’, and paid for through the taxation of ‘National Insurance’.  Everyone pays ‘NI’ (which pays for the NHS and Benefit System many times over in the UK), and this includes people in receipt of State Benefit (as Thatcher introduced the idea that those receiving Benefit Payments already paid for through taxation, should ‘pay’ again whilst in receipt of that which they have already paid for whilst in work).  Today, the Tories are cutting ‘Socialised’ medicine due to their rightwing ideological opposition to anything ‘leftwing’ – allowing Red Cross medical teams to temporarily ‘plug the gap’, as the British health service collapses.  The UK is one of the richest countries in the world, and whilst the average tax-burden of British people steadily increases every year – the services received for that collected tax steadily decreases (despite the fact that the NI pot is in excess due to much of it nolonger being used for Welfare or Health treatment).  It has been speculated that the wealth of the UK is being syphoned away to pay for wars around the world, that facilitate ‘regime change’ on behalf of the United States.  NHS staff face the reality of ‘privatisation’ every day of their working lives – whilst those of a liberal bent sit back in their privileged life-styles, and adopt an air of ‘disbelief’ about the horror stories that are unfolding.  The Tories are perpetuating the myth that the NHS is collapsing because of a ‘deficient’ NHS workforce – this is a rightwing lie from start to finish.  The NHS is collapsing because the Tories and LibDems privatised it in 2012, and have steadily withdrawn funds and dismantled its ‘collectivist’ infrastructure ever since.  Hard-working NHS staff – and the ordinary people using the NHS – are suffering unnecessarily, and of course, dying due to bad working conditions and a deficient level of medical treatment.  The British Medical Association (BMA) never supported the ‘Socialist’ NHS at its inception in 1948, and continue not to support it today.  GP’s and doctor’s surgeries across the UK are openly colluding with this Tory dismantling of the NHS – and cutting crucial front-line care, whilst preparing their surgeries for a full transition to private health services.  In short, the majority of the British people are ‘suffering’ and ‘dying’ simply to maintenance the ‘greed’ of the wealthy minority.

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