How the US Prepared for the Failure of Apollo 11


In 1969, Nixon dominated the White House, and the above instructions were prepared (as a standby) in the event that the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon failed.  Mission failure was defined as losing contact with the US astronauts, or the the obvious (or apparent) death of those astronauts.  (Source: NARA).  It was further stated that any and all recordings of the astronauts calling NASA desperately for help (or sounds of death and destruction) were to be permanently suppressed and never released into the public domain. A similar decision had been taken by the US government when in 1967, three US astronauts died whilst training for Apollo I.  US astronauts were to be portrayed as super-human pioneers not hindered by normal feelings or understandable fears. Of course, this was a myth designed to paint the US capitalist culture as ‘superior’ during that country’s Cold War propaganda offensive against the Communist Soviet Union (a regime the US painted as oppressive, but one which out-performed the US in every aspect of space exploration). The US cares nothing about the evolution of humanity, or indeed space exploration, and indeed only cares about monetary profit and its continuous accumulation.  The US anti-Russian racism is evident from the fact that in the case of the death Soviet Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov in 1967, the US had no reservation about making the tape public, of Komarov’s last desparate broadcasts, as he hurtled to Earth in the doomed Soyuz I space-craft, due to a failed parachute mechanism. Although US claims that he cursed the space-craft are pure fiction, as he was too professional to have done anything like that.  Instead, in his last moments, he frantically performed all the difficult technical tasks required to properly re-enter Earth’s Orbit, but ultimately was betrayed by a faulty parachute mechanism. Obviously the lives of Soviet cosmonauts are not equal to those of US astronauts.

The Family of Soviet Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov Mourn

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