Institute of Inner Sciences



An investigative institute of collective minds, unhindered by locality, structure, or commercial interests, that has no hierarchy of authority, with the participants of which agreeing to pursue an objective scientific analysis of what it means, from an empirical position, to travel through ‘inner’ space in all its aspects. This science, by its very definition, must stand ‘aloof’ from all competing and alternative theories, whilst remaining thoroughly ‘detached’ from all religious and philosophical perspectives.  Other than analysing inner exploration from a scientific perspective, (discerning the ‘real’ from the ‘imaginary’), the institute would also be responsible for the eventual preparation and training of individuals to undertake specific guided ‘missions’ of inner exploration, similar to the cosmonauts and astronauts that explored outer space in the 20th century.  Such ‘inner’ explorers of the psychic fabric will be a new type of pioneer for the 21st century.

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