2003 – the Year Capitalist Romania Denied the Holocaust


Romania was just one willing ally of Nazi Germany during WWII, the troops of which assisted the German invasion of the Soviet Union.  However, outside of Nazi Germany, Romania remains the next biggest killer in the holocaust of WWII – with an estimated 400,000 Romanian Jews (and other minorities) murdered.  When Romanian troops invaded the USSR, they set-about murdering Ukrainian Jews with a fanatical relish!  After the fascist government of Romania was destroyed by the Red Army – a Socialist State was initiated – but this was over-thrown by a Western-backed coup in 1989.  With the abandonment of progressive Socialism, the old rightwing prejudices were allowed to become prominent yet again. Disabled people suffered terribly after 1989 in Romania, being placed in cages in hospitals that lacked basic levels of humane care.  The West referred to this ‘counter-revolution’ as ‘freedom’ and ‘self-determination’, until in 2003, the Romanian government issued a statement denying the holocaust had occurred.  Intense international pressure forced the Romanian government to ‘retract’ this statement of holocaust denial, but such a happening does highlight how rightwing attitudes still exist in countries such as Romania – particularly after the collapse of Socialism.  Capitalism is the reason why fascism exists, and its adherence as a system cannot transcend its own destructive limitations.

Ignoring Romania’s Holocaust Complicity: Not an Option


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