Poppies Support Capitalist Crimes


The British armed forces have been used for hundreds of years as a tool of oppression, solely by the middle and upper classes that have controlled this country, and exploited the working class as economic and military canon fodder.  The working class has been historically placed in the position of having to militarily support and defend the very capitalist system that exploits them on every front, whilst extending that capitalist system out of the British Isle and across the world, co-opting, raping and murdering other people into forcibly adopting a life of continuous oppression and exploitation.  The ordinary soldiery of every nation, is of course comprised of the working class separated into artificially competing camps by the bourgeoisie, defined through the false notions of ‘race’ and ‘nationhood’ – exactly the same notions that are used by such rightwing (and warmongering) charities as the British Legion, Help the Heroes and other such apologists for British (racist) nationalism.  It is interesting to note that these type of war-supporting charities never criticise the Tory government, and neither do they campaign against the government cuts in veteran benefits and medical care.  When a veteran dies of hunger or neglect, these rightwing charities remain ‘silent’ on the issue, whilst perpetuating the propaganda that it is the general public that must now ‘pay’ for veteran care.  The British public already do this through taxation, but the disturbing fact is that these rightwing charities link the financial support for veterans to the ‘agreeing’ to the racist politics that underlie the wars that they have been forced to fight by successive UK governments.  It is the responsibility of the UK government to support the veterans it has already used to pursue its short-sighted and destructive military and political aims, and not the general population from which these veterans have been drawn.  Furthermore, the UK government should be held directly responsible for the capitalistic and murderous wars it starts around the globe, and the millions of innocent people the British armed forces have been ordered to ‘kill’.  Wearing a poppy is nothing less than supporting capitalism and imperialism, and has absolutely ‘nothing’ to do with ‘respect’ for British military veterans.  If the British government really respected the young working class men and women it routinely sends to fight and die in foreign lands, then it would not have cut veteran benefits or medical in the first place.

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