Islamophobic Racism in the European Wushu Federation


Original Chinese Language Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note:  The People’s Republic of China (a Communist State) guarantees under law that all people have a right to the practice of religion, and not to be harassed or persecuted because of the practice of that religion.  There are two groups of people living within China that follow the Islamic religion (the Hui and the Uighar) that are renowned for their practice of Muslim-based Chinese martial arts.  Chinese Muslim women may wear a headscarf or not – the choice is theirs – just as it is a matter of choice for all Muslim women.  The view from within China is that the European Wushu Federation mentioned in this article is manifesting Eurocentric racism (i.e. Islamophobia) – reminiscent of the racism inflicted upon the Chinese people during the European, colonial era. The Young woman is his article is the victim of Eurocentric racism and a true hero of the correct ‘spirit’ of Chinese martial arts.  This situation in many ways demonstrates the existence of implicit and explicit European racism within Chinese martial arts in the West, which misrepresents and denigrates the art.  ACW 5.5.2016


Zeynep Akyuz is a very famous woman in Turkey and respected practitioner of Chinese martial arts who is a Muslim.  As a Muslim woman – Zeynep Akyuz chooses to wear a modest headscarf as part of her daily dress.  She also wears a headscarf during martial arts training and competition.  However, due to the Islamophobia sweeping Europe – the European Wushu Federation has announced that Muslim women will not be allowed to attend any competitions they arrange if they wear Islamic headscarves. Despite the obvious anti-Muslim racism, a number of brave Turkish Muslim women have continued to attend competitions where Europeans would rather no Muslim attend.  In 2013, Zeynep Akyuz attended the European Wushu Federation Competition, and despite a near perfect performance, (the audience remained silent) and the judges refused to give her a score – she was instead disqualified for wearing an Islamic Headscarf.  In response, Zeynep Akyuz said that the European Wushu Federation’s decision to ban women for wearing headscarves was ‘disrespectful’ to the Islamic world.  Officials of the Turkey Wushu Federation have protested on the grounds of discrimination to the European Wushu Federation – and withdrawn their recognition of that organisation.  This matter has now been reported to the International Wushu Federation.


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Text:


欧洲武术锦标赛上土耳其女孩Zeynep Akyuz,因为戴头巾而被要求禁止参赛。

2014年初将要和世界及欧洲冠军比赛的Zenep Akyuz忽然收到了因为佩戴头巾而被禁止竞赛的通知。

于是土耳其武术联合会主席阿卜杜勒 – 拉赫曼和Akyuz和其他的执行委员会的董事会成员,一起向欧洲武术联合会机关发起了呼吁。Akyuz还表明对头巾禁令,在前世锦赛和类似的比赛中也遇到过这样的情况,但是她与队友们都坚持参赛,对于这群执着的武术爱好运动员们,她们认为头巾并不是阻碍她们参赛的主要原因,而且也不会因为佩戴头巾而停止她们对武术运动项目的执着。



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