When Class Enemies ‘Meditate’

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Buddhism is the West has become just another ‘fetish’ for the white bourgeoisie, who treat it like a nice day out to the museum or park. The bourgeois appreciation is shallow, and premised upon misunderstanding, prejudice, and misrepresentation.  Middle class Buddhists think that their understanding (developed in elitist schools) is superior to what Asian Buddhist scholars have to say.  This inevitably leads to a hopeless confusion masquerading as ‘Buddhism’ in the West that is the exact opposite of what the Buddha taught.  This misrepresentation is compounded by such deluded movements as the pro-Tibetan lobby, and the Falun Gong – both of which are dangerous cults.  The Buddha quite literally ‘gave-up’ his class privilege and spent the rest of his life attacking Brahmanism is the most ruthless and clinical style.  His point was to establish a pure wisdom over that of a contrived (and deluded knowledge).  He never once hesitated or compromised in this effort.  Regardless of the ‘class’ or ‘caste’ of those who approached him, the Buddha used a pristine insight whilst demolishing their deluded class and caste interests.  In the West, the very class and privilege that the Buddha demolished with his pristine wisdom is the very group that has appeared to have ’embraced’ his philosophy, but this cannot be correct.  How can ‘delusion’ benefit from ‘wisdom’ without itself being destroyed in the process?  The bourgeoisie is corrupt as a dominant and exploiting class from top to bottom.  It has co-opted what it perceives as ‘Buddhism’ because it is viewed as ‘exotic’ and ‘unusual’ – rather like how bourgeois men are attracted to women from other ethnic groups – not because they ‘respect’ the woman or her culture, but because they control the economic power to ‘possess’ and nothing more.  The bourgeois are class enemies of the Buddha that attempt to ‘possess’ his teachings and in so doing, distort them from top to bottom.  A bourgeois Buddhist is a ‘bourgeois’ and nothing else.  In this regard the bourgeoisie uses Buddhism as a means to control and oppress the masses.  They sit in there sedate country estates and misconstrue the peace and quiet their ill-gotten wealth gives them for the true enlightenment of the Buddha.  Never forget that the Buddha sat in graveyards and other places of unfashionable suffering, whilst he wore rags thrown on the rubbish-heap and ate the left-over food of the poor.  The bourgeoisie misrepresent Buddhism and represent the very class privilege that the Buddha thoroughly rejected and transcended.  This is because the bourgeoisie are ‘attached’ to an image of being ‘Buddhist’ that has no bearing in reality.  For a bourgeois to truly become a Buddhist, he or she must fully reject the very ignorance that has historically given them their privileged life-style at the expense of the working class.

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