Fighting ISIS: Internationalist Ivana Hoffmann Dies in Syria


Original Chinese Language Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Last Saturday saw the deaths of the first two Western fighters voluntarily combatting ISIS forces in Syria – namely the ex-British soldier Konstandinos Erik Scurfield and the Australian fighter Ashley Johnston.  However, a third Westerner also died in battle on that (terrible) day fighting ISIS – and she was 19 year-old German Communist volunteer – Ivana Hoffmann.

Ivana Hoffmann was a Member of Turkey’s Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (MLKP).  The MLKP confirmed the death of Ivana Hoffmann in an official communication which stated that:

‘Comrade Asashin (Ivana Hoffmann) and her fellow Kurdish Comrades, bravely took-up defensive positions around an Assyrian village (to protect the people) and held-off of a determined ISIS attack for several days.  They did not retreat.  Ivana Hoffmann and her fellow Comrades fought to the last round and the last moment (before being brutally killed).’

On her Facebook page, Ivana Hoffmann left this message:

‘I have come here to fight for Humanity and the Rights of the People.  The Communist Party is premised upon the principle of Internationalism, and because I believe in this – here I am.’

Regardless of her brave death, we remember her as a Great Soldier (for Humanity) and thank her for confronting the (fascist) forces of ISIS on behalf of the People.


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:


上周六,继英国人Konstandinos Erik Scurfield和澳大利亚人Ashley Johnston之后,第三名西方人,也是第一位女性,牺牲在了对抗ISIS的战斗中。

她的名字叫Ivana Hoffmann,今年19岁,来自德国,祖籍南非,六个月前加入对抗ISIS的库尔德武装并且一直战斗在前线。

她是土耳其“马克思列宁主义共产党(MLKP)”的成员,该党在官方通讯中证实了Ivana Hoffmann阵亡的消息:Asashin同志在对抗ISIS的猛攻,保卫一个亚述村落的战斗中坚持了数日,她与其他同志们一直战斗到了最后一刻。



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