Inside Story: Buddhist Monk Heats the Pan!

Imaginative Use of  a Wok!
Imaginative Use of a Wok!

Original Chinese Language Article: By

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

This is the inside story exposing the Buddhist monks who heat the pan! How is it that a pan can be heated whilst a monk sits meditating inside it, and nothing bad happens? During meditation in the hot pan, what tricks are the monks using? According to the American adventure news website ‘’, it was reported on March 11th, 2015, that recently a video has gone viral showing a number of Thai Buddhist monks meditating whilst sat in a hot pan of boiling oil. Many people wanted to know the names of these extraordinary monks, and enquired as to what ‘method’ or ‘magic’ was being used to enable such an extreme endurance?

However, through the use of the language of the scientific method, the apparent ‘secret’ can be seen through, and suggests the monks are lying.  The video shows that the oil has been heated for a long time, but is not boiling. This suggests some kind of trick is being used by the monks. The introduction to the video suggests that the monks coated the inner surface of the pan with a herbal layer that enabled the oil to warm-up, but not to reach any dangerous temperatures that could harm the monks. After-all, why would monks take the risk of harming themselves during meditation? It seems that this test was designed to demonstrate the monks ‘divine’ will-power. However, only a drunk person would not see through this deception, for if it was real, logic dictates that it would only lead to severe injury.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:







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