Morden Tube Station – Owl

(Photograph Taken 2.2.2019)
)wl - Morden Tube Station
Owl – Morden Tube Station

Revolutionary Pigeon Liberation Front (UK)

This is a life-like model of an owl placed near the lift entrance that serves Platform 5 of Morden Tube Station in South London.  This is the southern end of the Northern Line tube service which was opened on the 13th of September, 1926.  Apparently, Transport for London (TFL) have a policy of placing very realistic Owl models at various stations situated above ground, as a means to scare away pigeons and prevent them from landing, feeding, and nesting etc. I personally detest this treatment of our pigeons. On the other hand, the pigeons appear unbothered and seem to know that this is just a model.

(Photograph Taken 2.2.2019)

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