Turkish Embassy Protest – London 7.6.13


Around 30 dedicated individuals representing the Communist Parties of Britain, Greece, Iraq, and Sudan gathered outside the Turkish Embassy today situated in the exclusive Belgravia area of London, as a display of international solidarity for the members of the Turkish Communist Party (TKP) who have suffered during the recent crackdown on civil unrest in Turkey.  The Turkish government has targeted the TKP and has attempted, through draconian measures to crush any dissent.  The gathering in London was peaceful and well disciplined, and lasted approximately 1 hour – from 1230 pm to 130 pm – during which time interviews were conducted for various (foreign) TV channels, and photographs taken of the crowd which ranged from the very young to the very old, and was equally represented by both men and women alike.  The Police presence was minimal and the demonstration dispersed peacefully once the protest was completed.  





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