China as Developmental Archetype for Humanity


China’s presence in the world is an important agency of change and transformation both for individuals and nations.  Chinese culture represents the next stage of world development.  What exactly this new reality will be like is unknown at present, and will only become known after the event – when history is objectively viewed some time in the distant future.  In other words, the changed world that will be triggered by the spread of Chinese thinking and cultural will not be fully understood until it has already been experienced.  This kind of Chinese influence has little to do with politics, trade, or military conquest, although any or all of these concepts might serve as a vehicle, but is rather the product of the Chinese presence in the world forming a distinct psychological, developmental archetype that upgrades and makes better every other psychological or cultural construct it encounters.  This influence is not forced, brutal, or violent in any way, but is rather the effect of a gentle but continuous presence that exists on all frequencies of humanity’s existence.  China represents a superior level of psychic, emotional, and physical presence that facilitates transformation into an enhanced dimension of being.  Even as an ancient civilisation, China has existed almost ‘ahistorical’, and has appeared like a modern, or post-modern nation even when perpetuating a state premised upon feudal imperialism.  It has, as a nation, embraced the Western philosophy of Karl Marx, and has survived the collapse of the Russian Bolshevik version of Communism.  In world-wide affairs, this regional reality is a microcosm of the influence Chinese culture represents both as a nation, and through its citizens, which includes the influence of  Chinese people (and their descendents) living outside of China today.  The influence of Chinese culture is travelling through the fabric of society with alacrity.  This influence is not political, economic, or racial in any way – as it does not demand any obvious commitment from those it transforms.  This process is a historical force that travels over the globe unopposed, because it is in accordance with the deepest aspect of humanity’s understanding.  It can not be opposed because it does not employ materialist methods.  It is very much a natural force existing in the continuous moment, and as such can not be prevented from achieving its task of developmental transformation.  Needless to say, a psychological and physical power of this magnitude is often not understood through those who act as the agents of its deployment.  The average Chinese person embodies this paradigm of transformation in every fibre of their being, but generally remains consciously unaware of the effect of its presence on all who come into contact with it.  Life continues in the obvious (everyday) manner relating to Chinese culture, and there is no real understanding of the deeper psycho-spiritual energy that is in operation.  This is as it should be, as the entire transformation process avoids the trap of ego-awareness and the psychological structures that operate through materialist paradigms, seeking personal aggrandisement and power.  Chinese cultural influence in this fundamental aspect is a purely natural manifestation that has no lower human intention attached to it.  It is free of gross human error and greed and represents the next step in the evolution of the human mind.

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