Harrods Anti-Fur Protest – London 8.6.13


A campaigner representing the movement known as the  ‘Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade’ (www.caft.org.uk) stands outside the famous and exclusive ‘Harrods’ department store situated in the Knightsbridge area, handing-out leaflets with colleagues protesting the fact that Harrods still uses real fur in their garments for sale on the high street. 

IMAG1264  IMAG1281

As Buddhists (and Socialists) we stand in solidarity with those who represent a higher state of moral being, and advocate the broad development of consciousness.  The potential for humanity to be ‘humane’ is infinite and all it requires is a transformation away from the low level of consciousness that causes cruelity to animals (and fellow humans). 


A petition gathers signitures to protest the fur products at Harrods and simultaneously registers a moral rejection of the fur industry that brutalises the animals it exploits solely for the use of human vanity.  We will stand with all people who express human dignity, strength, and moral courage.  To complain directly to Harrods, please use the following contact details:

Harrods Ltd, 87-135 Brompton Road, Knoightsbridge, London, SW1X 7X – Tel: 0207 730 1234 Email: customer.services@harrods.com

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