Russian Army Captures First ‘Foreign’ Criminals Fighting for the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis! (3.3.2022) 

It has also turned out that these fascist mercenaries are using weapons supplied to them directly by the US, UK and EU – weapons which the Western warmongers have sent to the Ukraine in great number; So far, 200 mercenary fighters from Croatia have officially been reported to have arrived in the enemy camp – but others are on their way from the US, UK and EU and they will be tried as War Criminals;

TASS: Russia to ‘De-Nazify’ Ukraine (24.2.2022)

Author’s Note: I have been covering this conflict for eight-years now, when all the so-called ‘left-wing’ groups in the West did nothing and said nothing (watch them all come-out the woodwork now – all claiming some kind of moral high-ground and an exclusive right to comment and interpret current events – worse still, watch the Trotskyites condemn Russia and said with the US). In this capacity, I have worked directly with the Communist Parties of Lugansk and Donetsk – translating their news-blogs into English and with my family even carrying their national flags through the streets of London during Mat Day Celebrations!

History Dictates That Russia Must Not Allow US-Backed Neo-Nazism to Prevail in West Ukraine! 

This thoroughly perverse US policy of supporting the very fascist ideology that has seen African-American people routinely lynched within America – outside of its own borders with a Blackman at the helm of the US government is so anti-intellectual that it defies belief! Furthermore, to add salt to the wound of this injustice, the US has been attempting to coerce the Ukraine and Georgia (the latter being the birth-place of Joseph Stalin – who is still popular amongst the local people) into joining NATO – the military arm of US aggression around the globe!

On Why a Structured Study of Nazism is Important!

The example of Zionism is important because part of its structure is a denial of what it is. The public face of Zionism is that it is the ideology of Jews ‘standing-up for themselves’ – but since when has White people acting like genocidal, racist thugs been part of genuine Jewish (community) self-defence? The answer is ‘never’ because Jews have been the historical victims of such race-hatred. Zionism is ‘Hitlerism’ hiding in plain sight and this is why this example is important.

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