Email: Lockdown Three: Covid19 and Disempowering Capitalism (19.2.2021)

White Man Assaults 52-Year-Old Chinese-American Woman in New York!

Dear Gillian 

There’s no need to be so ‘measured’ and ‘reasonable’! Otherwise, it seems like we are meeting on a Psyche Ward – and I am not sure which one of us is ‘visiting’ or which one is being ‘visited’! If you believe what you believe then I have to work out an inner ability to accept it as is. This is not hard for me as I was brought-up to be accommodating in that sense. Sort of ‘indifferent’ to ‘difference’. I learned to ‘criticise’ because of the bourgeois system. It validates and rewards discrimination. This can be useful when working-out scientific processes, but it is not so useful when interfacing with the differences that define individuals. Diversity is strength – as nature continuously reminds us! 

Covid19 could be a Communist plot to destabilise capitalism. It probably isn’t – but as major disruptive events go its right up there! The capitalist world never willingly stops for anything – not even warfare or natural disasters – which are often turned into money-spinning events. Covid19, of course, attacks the upper and lower classes equally and is no respecter of class privilege. The Bourgeoisie are acting in self-defence and pretending that this is in the best interests of everyone – which of course, it is – but only in an incidental manner (in the sense that none of us want to die). The bourgeoisie has extended the privilege of ‘living’ to us all, because that is the only way it can assure its own survival!  I am sure that if there was a method that saved only middle-class lives – it would be employed solely through the excuse of ‘cost’! They take action to live – we live as a by-product!  

Things must be bad for the machinations of everyday capitalism to be disrupted in this manner. I’ve never known anything like this in my lifetime. Even WWII, as disruptive and bloody as it was, was good for the economy. Covid19 is bad for the ideology of naked profiteering. People are using the net in desperate bids to make money. The latest trends seem to be selling our common-sense back to us as if it where somebody else’s idea! How disempowering is that! Our own self-determination (and drive for survival) is stolen by others and sold back to us for monetary profit! We are presented with the idea that our innate instinct to survive can only be accessed (for our own benefit) if we first pay someone the current asking price – no money – no survival!  

Doesn’t this encapsulate the utter madness of capitalism! All we really have to do is stop giving away our free-will to others for their benefit and not our own! Stop looking to others to ‘sell’ us their ideas of what is best for us – and start being independent and self-sufficient. Yes – someone might lose having our money – but we (as individuals) will be better off and hopefully alive as a consequence! In the meantime, the bourgeoisie perceive the internet as a life-line for predatory capitalism. All the adverts scream ‘stand like this!’, ‘Sit like that!’, ‘Breath in this way!’, ‘Put your savings here!’, ‘Eat this food!’ and ‘Make this posture!’ – if ‘You want to live!’. In the real world, however, I am told that attacks aimed at ethnic Chinese people are up 1000%! Interesting that the BAME community – and (bourgeoise) Black politicians such as the hypocrite Diane Abbott – opt to remain eerily ‘silent’ about this persecution – which is one of the greatest unfolding hate crimes aimed at non-White people by White people for many a decade!  

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