All European Countries Should Leave the EU!

When the BBC (and media in general) use the fascistic UKIP as the only opposition to EU membership – excluding the Communist and Socialist left from the debate – the stage is set to brain-wash the workers into thinking that their comprehensive exploitation is the best path available to them, and to question the validity of the EU is tantamount to embracing neo-Nazism!

WHO: North Korea’s Universal Health System – Envy of Developing World (2010)

Even the usually inaccurate and fake English language wikipedia entry dealing with North Korea’s Healthcare System had to acknowledge the bizarre nature of the WHO’s positive-negative verdict regarding North Korea!  It is clear that the WHO wrote an entirely positive report about North Korea – before being forced by the US to ‘alter’ its findings to fit-in with that country’s negative view of any and all Communist countries. 

NHS Creeping Privatisation Since 1986

Why would political parties risk their electoral credibility by implementing this destructive policy? The answer is that the EU (since 1986) has been pursuing a rightwing, US-style free market, predatory capitalism that is controlled by a set of legislations that demands that ALL ‘Socialised’ and ‘Nationalised’ entities within constituent EU countries MUST (by force of law) ‘privatise’ ALL publically owned entities, including health systems and welfare provision.

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