Condemning the EU – Defending Mexico


On the London NHS march last weekend, I had a weird encounter with an American who seemed not to understand Socialism, capitalism or the NHS. What is odd about all of this, is that there seems to be an alarming increase in the presence of US citizens on British streets during protest marches, that do not seem to understand what is going on. Why are they here? What are they doing? What is their purpose? I was approached by one such person (and the full dialogue can be read on a previous post on this blog HERE) who seemed to be propagating a ‘Trump’ paradigm in an attempt to disrupt the British way of doing things. Of course, he was hopelessly out of his depth amongst tens of thousands of lefties, many of which were clustering around signs, flags, banners and symbols that represented various forms of the British leftwing tradition. He seemed confused that his obvious rightwing bias was not working. I do not mind defending the Red Flag – and have done so on various occasions – but this encounter might count as the oddest yet. The following extract involves this person trying to establish a ‘racist’ paradigm during our conversation, suggesting that the leftwing is just as racist as the rightwing. I demolished this from the start, and our conversation deteriorated after this point:

Q: Why did the UK vote to get out of the EU?

A: The EU is a rightwing, anti-Socialist, anti-worker institute that exists to advance US-style predatory capitalism in Europe.

Q: Why does it do this?

A: To ensure the Eastern European countries bordering Russia embrace neo-Nazism, and reject Russian influence, acting inaccordance with US foreign policy. Making workers migrate en mass to make a living destroys local communities, and eradicates the point of unions. Masses of cheap labour only benefits the bourgeoisie.

Q: That sounds like how the Mexicans flood the US with cheap labour.

A: It’s nothing like it. The US invaded Mexico in the 1840’s – and its West Coast is basically former parts of Mexico that were annexed by the US. When Mexicans cross the fabricated US-Mexican border today, they are in fact entering their own country. Furthermore, as Mexicans are the product of Spanish mixing with indigenous Indian, the US hatred toward them is ‘racially’ based, but as the EU involves ‘White’ Europeans being used to oppress one another, there is no racism involved in opposing it.

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