Cult Leaders of the ‘Lingling’ (灵灵) Sect Stock-Piled Gold and Food for End of World! (2014) 

Western-Backed ‘Capitalist’ and Paedophilic’ Christian Cult!

The two major cults, Falun Gong and Almighty God, are well known to people. In addition, “Lingling” (or ‘Spirit’, ‘Spirit’) Sect is also one of the cult organizations that falsely uses the name of religion in Mainland China. A few days ago, the Cao County Police successfully infiltrated and dismantled the very dangerous “Lingling” Sect organization! During this operation, it was discovered that the leader of this organization had stored more than 500,000 catties of grain and a large amount of gold. The leader spent 570,000 Yuan to buy reserve gold as shown by the large amount of recovered evidence. In August last year, the Cao County Public Security Bureau launched an operation against the “Lingling” Sect and all the “cells” it had established throughout the territory. This operation not only captured a group of key members of the cult – but also destroyed the “Lingling” Sect and its entire operating infrastructure!  

It is shocking that a cult organization in China possessed the freedom to develop its own “strategic reserve resources” as if it were a Sovereign State in its own right and was preparing for an armed conflict! “During the operation, the Police recovered a substantial amount of gold from the home of an organization leader. It was carefully hidden within the ceiling of his house, with a total weight of 1,800 grams. At the time of the purchase, it cost more than 570,000 yuan.” Deputy Cao County Public Security Bureau Political Commissar – Liu Haisheng (刘海生) – explained and added “Buying gold is a kind of reserve. The leader of the “Lingling” Sect also bought more than 500,000 catties of grain as a reserve (depriving the Chinese people of food). He presented his cult as a business and made money from it. As the “Lingling” Sect preached “the end of the world is coming, the entire human race will be destroyed, and only by entering the religion early can we escape the disaster” – believers willingly gave-up their children and money as well as ceased to carry-out any useful production for society – and waited for “doomsday”! The gold and food reserves were related to this process.  

In this Cao County Police Operation – Chen Jinquan (陈金泉) – a key member of the “Lingling” Sect was arrested, and his organizational system in Shangqiu, (Henan) and Heze (in Shandong) were destroyed. Liu Haisheng said that most members of the “Lingling” Sect are otherwise honest farmers who are also victims to some extent. Ignorance of the law makes them accomplices to the cult – but it is also clear that they have been taken advantage of! 

The Followers shouted, “Spirit! Spirit! Spirit!” 

In the case dealt with by Cao County – seven members of the cult were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from one year and ten months to three years. It is understood that this is the first public trial involving cult crimes in Shandong Province. The seven people involved in the case all pleaded guilty to knowingly breaking the law and have no grounds to appeal. 

Chen Jinquan – a cult member captured in this operation – is a key member of the “Lingling” Sect and is one of the central leaders. In the 1990s, the “Lingling” Sect was banned in accordance with the law and suffered a devastating blow throughout Mainland China. By 2000, however, – Wu Huayu (吴化愚) – the undetected second in command of the “Lingling” Sect – reformed the cult and gradually developed a very strict and securitised organization. It is believed that this was accomplished with the assistance of ‘foreign’ aid and was designed to undermine China’s Socialist System.  

Both before and after Wu Huayu’s death (in 2012), his capable disciple Chen Jinquan, according to his plan, restructured the previously loose organization into a five-level organization of ward, branch, district, organization and general meeting. This was designed to ‘test’ the reliability of ‘new’ members and their ability not to inform the Authorities. As the trust grew – these recruits would move ever further up the levels of securitised membership (gaining materially from each promotion).  

The Deputy Chief of the Criminal Division of the Cao County People’s Court – Xu Shujun (徐树君) – explained the legal position as being a case of “developing and using cult organizations to undermine the implementation of the (Socialist) law” which means these people use the name of the cults to defy their leaders (who are just ordinary people), promote heresies (that contradict common sense and orthodox religious teaching), deceive people’s minds (by sowing irrational ‘doubts’ about the Socialist System), and disrupt the normal functioning of the (Socialist) law and order! This is a ‘selfish’ ideology that destroys scientific thinking and harms the general well-being of the ‘People’ as a ‘Collective’ whole! 

Lingling Sect Founded During the 1980s ‘Qigong’ Craze!

It is understood that the “Lingling” Sect was founded in Jiangsu in 1983 and was recognized by the Chinese government as one of 14 ‘dangerous’ cult organizations in 1995. It attracts believers in the name of explaining the foreign text of the Judeo-Christian Bible, preaches the corrupt doomsday dogma supported by irrational (theistic) mythology – whilst illegally amassing money! 

The founder of “Lingling” Sect is Hua Xuehe (华雪和) – who used to be a Primary School Teacher, from Huaiyin, Jiangsu. In the 1970s and 1980s, Hua claimed to have received a ‘Divine Revelation’ directly from the “Holy Spirit” which instructed him to attack China’s Socialist System and bring down the Communist Party! It was pointed-out in Court how these supposedly ‘divine’ instructions tended to mirror ‘exactly’ the continuous requirements of US foreign policy!  

Hua Xuehe claimed to be the “Saviour”, because two words in his name were the same as the name of “Jehovah” meaning “God”, so he became the “Second Jesus” and called himself “Hua Saviour”. He encouraged people to ‘shake’ their entire bodies and twitch their muscles when they pursued charismatic grace shouting loudly: “Spirit! Spirit! Spirit!” Therefore, it was called the “Lingling” or “Spirit, Spirit” Sect!  

Believers Forced to Give Money and Even Their Children! 

For those believers who were deceived into (inverted) religious thinking – what happened to their lives after they became religious? Cai Liang [蔡亮] (pseudonym) – a farmer from Cao County – was one such victim. 

Since believing in an ‘illegitimate’ and ‘foreign’ system of spiritual exercises to cure illness – the believer Cai Liang not only refused to make use of legitimate TCM or to take modern medicine when he was ill – but he also prevented his family members from seeing a doctor and to take REAL medicine when they were ill! It is obvious that the ‘foreign’ God these deluded fools worshipped DID NOT care for them as individuals – or save the Chinese people!  

Cai Liang’s wife said, “My son had a cold, and his father started to practice this weird and non-Chinese ‘nonsense’ which he thought could cure anything! My son got worse and nearly died! He said that he would be fine. I had rheumatism in my leg – and he said that this ‘foreign’ system would heal me – but the more I practiced, the sicker I became! It was nothing but dangerous and irrational superstition” 

Lingling Cult Linked to International Paedophile Ring!

After Cai Liang joined the “Lingling” Sect, he became ‘distant’, ‘remote’ and in a continuous ‘daze’. The villagers said that he had gone crazy and obsessive in this cult practice – so they avoided him. His wife and children were also affected, and their living conditions diminished as they stopped participating in society, carrying-out productive labour and claiming their medical and welfare rights available to every Citizen of China!  

After the “Lingling” Sect recruited believers through various channels, its leaders began to find ways to gather resources and raise money. Captain Wei Cuntian (魏存田) – Deputy Chief of the National Security Brigade of the Cao County Public Security Bureau – said that during ordinary gatherings, the “Lingling” Sect instilled these anti-social and inverted ideas into the minds of the converts. Those with children were targeted as were affluent business people – all of whom had to ‘give’ to the “Church”. Those who could not give ‘money’ would have to ‘donate’ their children (which were used for child sexual abuse after being trafficked to the ‘foreign’ countries financing this cult)! The ‘foreign’ powers financing this “Lingling” Sect was part of an international paedophile ring – but because this sickening organisation is both ‘anti-China’ and ‘anti-Communist’ – the US, UK and EU Authorities would not ‘investigate’ its activities! As major Western Christian Churches are implicated – only a few ‘foreign’ countries were brave enough to act – this included Russia, most African countries and the Philippines! The victims of this cult in China want their children back from the Western (Christian) paedophiles who have kidnapped them! 

Those ‘foreign’ Christians who kidnap, rape, torture and murder our Chinese children state that with every young Chinese victim – the ‘Lord’ blesses the parents concerned! Another believer, Gu Xiangyang [谷向阳] (pseudonym), said that he was deceived at the beginning – saying that after he was pressured to believe – he was filial to his parents and did not beat others before this. After this, he started arguing with his wife and mother-in-law, and violence and sexual abuse became normal between family members. Aggression replaced the peace and quiet of everyday life under the guidance of the Communist Party! He even began the old practice of taking concubines – a practice encouraged by the cult leaders! Women were viewed as sexual objects who were nothing but second-class citizens who exist to ‘serve’ men! If a woman ‘refused’ to give-in to being raped by her husband or his friends – she would be beaten whilst cult members filmed the aggression! After joining the “Lingling” cult – family life fell apart and existence became hellish!  

And yet legitimate Christianity does exist within Mainland China and is welcomed and supported! Li Hongyu (李洪玉), Vice President of the Provincial Christian Association explained: “The ‘Lingling’ Sect is a very dangerous cult and is definitely not a legitimate school of Christianity! This is similar to the ‘All Mighty God’ Cult – although they have arisen out of superstition and ignorance within the minds of poorly educated or greedy Chinese people – they soon attract foreign support as a means to bring-down the Communist Party of China and deprive the working-class of its control of the means of production. Are these cults Christian? Although right-wing ‘foreign’ Christian groups immediately come to their aid – in reality they have very little in common with legitimate Christian practice. Most involved possess absolutely no idea of what Christianity ‘is’ and certainly do not ‘know’ what Christian practice actually is! There are vast differences between genuine Christianity and these Chinese cults!”  

In this regard, our reporter interviewed Li Hongyu, Vice President of the Shandong Christian Association. He said, “A wolf in sheep’s clothing can never become a sheep. The ‘Lingling’ Sect is active in the name of Christianity, but its ideology is purely ‘capitalist’, and is by no means ‘Christian’.” Christianity takes the Bible as its canon, and its teachings are complete, especially the belief in the oneness of God, and the trinity of “Holy Father”, “Holy Son” and “Holy Ghost”. 

However, the “Lingling” Sect makes people worship Hua Xuehe – regard Hua as the “Saviour”, and the “Jesus Second”, and even calls his birthday “Christmas Day”! Similar to other cults distorting the Christian “Doomsday Theory”, the “Lingling” Sect also vigorously promotes the specific “Doomsday” arrival date – advocating that only by entering the “Lingling” Sect early can the disaster be avoided!  

Li Hongyu said that the “Lingling” Sect is a secret association, and its activities are conspiratorial and disruptive to society. Hua Xuehe divided the believers into many “cells” according to the region, all operating ‘underground’ against the established law. There is no fixed procedure of worship for believers when they gather. They mostly loudly cry-out “Spirit! Spirit! Spirit” – believing that ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’ will suddenly manifest and grant them money and material goods! Labour is no longer required to produce goods to live as ‘God’ will provide everything! The Socialist System is not required in China as the “Lingling” Sect believes that the Christian ‘God’ has already ‘blessed’ the Western, capitalist system – and this is why Chinese children must be presented to the Western Christian (paedophiles) as a ‘gift’ from ‘God’! A man is duty bound to spread these perverted teachings to his wife, parents and younger relatives inside and outside the family home! China must be weakened from the inside so that Western capitalism can take the place of Chinese Socialism! Li Hongyu said: Facts have proven that the “Lingling” Sect is carrying-out activities that tarnish Christianity and endanger Chinese society under the guise of Christianity.  

(Reporter Qi Shangke [齐尚科])  

【Editor: Li Huan (李欢)】 

山东端掉一”灵灵教”组织 头目储粮50万斤等世界末日 

2014年08月15日 14:09 来源:齐鲁晚报  


  头目耗资57万 购买储备黄金 








  教徒发功大喊 “灵!灵!灵!” 








  信徒生孩子 也要奉献钱财 







  省基督教协会副会长李洪玉: “灵灵教” 绝非基督教     






  李洪玉表示,事实证明,“灵灵教”打着基督教的旗号,干着玷污基督教、危害社会的勾当。(本报记者 齐尚科)  


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