Benes Ayo: ‘Numbers of Communists Have Decreased Through Combat and Hard-Work’ (6.10.2019)

Benes Ayo and His Fellow Comrades in the Communist Party of Donetsk!

Today, in Donetsk, which is not controlled by the Neo-Nazi government of Ukraine, a jubilee plenum of the “Communist Party of the DPR” was held. A member of the illegal armed formations and the “Communist Party of the DPR”, a citizen of Latvia, Benes Ayo explained this on his social media pages. According to him, several hundred people arrived at the event – “members of the Communist Party of the DPR and guests.” “Exactly 5-years ago, the Communist activists who in 2014, after the fascist coup in Kiev, raised the banner of our People’s Liberation Revolution, and created the Communist Party of the Donetsk People’s Republic under the leadership of Boris Litvinov,” writes Benes.  

Donetsk Communist Party Slowly Recovering Its Numbers!

He emphasized that it was the Communists who were the first to condemn the “coup” organized in February 2014 by the “damned nationalist junta operating under the leadership of the Euro-American imperialists”, and the first to call for the separation of Donbass and became the authors of the “declaration of the sovereignty of the DPR”. “The goal of the Communists of the DPR is the end of the war, the international recognition of the LNR, the integration of the LNR with Russia, the building of Socialism in the entire post-Soviet space, including Ukraine, and the restoration of the USSR,” said Ayo, a member of the IAG. Among other things, the Communists advocate “confiscation of property from the fascists and their direct accomplices.”  

Speeches Explaining the Plans of the Communist Party!

In this regard, Benes Ayo wrote: “These enterprises, previously owned by Ukrainian oligarchs and fascists, should become public property. That is, we are talking about nationalization. Co-operative and small private enterprises must also be preserved and steadily developed in the republic. However, in key industries and agriculture, the public sector should play a major role.” According to Ayo, during the jubilee plenum, “party tickets” were distributed to new members of the “Party”, and the most active Communists received medals “100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution”, “70 years of Victory”, 140 years since the birth of Joseph Stalin.  

Benes Ayo and Comrades!

Among them are “American Militia from Texas” and “Colombian Militia Alfonso.” “At present, more than 750 people are members of the KPDNR, but in 2016 this figure was more than 1,080 people. The number of Party ranks has decreased for a number of reasons: leaving the Republic, the desire to build a career in other organizations, death on the battlefield or from hard work,” Benes said in a publication. Earlier today, DonPress reported that a recording of the anthem of the Soviet Union was broadcast at the positions of illegal armed groups in the Maiorsk region of the Donetsk region. 

Communists Will Fight the Neo-Nazism of Ukraine!

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