Remote Psychic Art Reading From Peter ‘John’ Newbury (23.5.2018)

Leaflet of Peter ‘John’ – the Email is Still Functional
His Postal Address Has Changed But His Email Address is Exactly the Same!

In 2018, I asked Peter ‘John’ to carry-out a ‘Psychic Art’ reading ‘at a distance’ as I was in Sutton (South London) and he somewhere up country. I was curious as I am always interested in the paranormal as part of my own scientific investigations. I personally met Peter around 2005 in Torquay (at a Psychic Seminar held at the Riviera Hotel). He was very good. I did not give away any data about myself (or my family) and Peter excelled at his ‘reading’ which was far more than the average ‘cold reading’ I expected. Without hesitation he stated that I was a Buddhist! My friend ‘Liz’ – who is of Chinese extraction from Singapore – was up next and Peter immediately stated that she was a ‘Catholic’! None of use wore any symbols or jewellery that would give the game away. As the years went by, I decided to see how Peter would do with a ‘remote’ reading for myself and the following artwork and documents are the results of that reading:

Peter Saw a ‘Buddhist Master’ – Bhattu Malah – Through the Ether!
Page One of the Hand-Written ‘Psychic’ Report!
Page Two of the Hand-Written ‘Psychic’ Report!

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