Emails: A Tale of Three Crosses! (21.10.2021)

Dear Gillian

Interesting on many levels. Almost ‘Pythonesque’ on places – ‘A duck floats because it is the same weight as wood.’ However, the modern academics are certainly at pains to assure the general reader that the aseessment of this roll has been carried-out by more than one expert, and definitely ‘peer reviewed’ BEFORE publication. Anyone would think that there is a major or controversial breakthrough coming – but no – just the usual (and mundane) observations of very typical and average devotional practices. I am curious about one thing, why is the double-cross depicted on a manuscript constructed by faithful Catholics in Britain? This looks like a ‘Patriarchal’ Cross as found within Eastern Orthodoxy – but is more likely the ‘Caravaca’ Cross from Catholic Spain (commemorating the conversion of a Muslim King to Christianity in 1231-1232). Even so, how popular could the Caravaca Cross have been in Britain given the terrible literacy and mortality rates (who would have had the time to decipher and understand this story – and what relevance would it have had for the average British Catholic who wouldn’t have known one end of a Muslim from another)! I think this is the only genuine mystery in this roll which the contemporary academics appears to be avoiding for some reason. All the rest of it is standard fare served up in a slightly suspicious manner – hoping no one spies the double-cross!

Dear Adrian

That is not a double cross, the bar above Christ is where the inscription that Pilate wrote is. Most Catholic crosses have that to this day. The double cross features a bar beneath Christ’s feet, it slants and represents the fates of each of the two thieves crucified on either side of Jesus, one off to paradise one refusing paradise. Indeed most Orthodox crosses have all 3 bars.
Incidentally old working class Catholic ladies still talk about their ‘prayer rolls’, these days it is a list of intentions and prayers that are said each night before going to sleep..  In history only posh artefacts survive, they were more common than you think.
You should research the  ‘pilgrimage of Grace’, it is where the  banner of the  5 wounds became a rallying call for English Catholics fighting the cultural hegemony of the day.

Modern academics suck when it comes to religion, they haven’t got a clue we still have devotional prayers, still have  lives rich in symbolism, still go on pilgrimages, still kiss relics and icons

Dear Gillian

A more concise dismissal would have been to state that ‘it all depends upon “where” Jesus is nailed to the cross.’ Far more concussive and devastating over a wider area (like a well aimed and co-ordinated Soviet artillery barrage). a) Top beam – double-cross (Caravaca) – b) lower (main) beam – Catholic cross – and then c) the Eastern Orthodox:

Caravaca Cross – Contemporary Spain
Standard Catholic Cross
Eastern Orthodox Cross

And so, young lady, I stand corrected as it appears that your knowledge is overwhelmingly (and wonderfully) correct in this matter and that I have been thoroughly exposed as a road-scholar with extremely deficient glasses! In my defence, I had just watched the film ‘Cromwell’ for the umpteenth time and this may have coloured my perception far too much toward the Protestant faith – not that I have faith – you understand, but rather that I am easily led, especially by those of a Revolutionary character. Incidentally, the Caravaca Cross that came into my possession is a much larger version of the above (and of similar design although a monk is standing beneath the feet of Jesus) – and is being sold on a Spanish website as a ‘Catholic’ good-luck symbol! Father Roger was originally a Catholic monk from Ireland but he came over to England to take care of All Saints Church in Torre – Torquay.

The Truly ‘Holy’ Father Roger…

It seems that all the vicars of All Saints are referred to as ‘Father’. Father Roger was a very kind and holy man who happened to have been taken ill whilst visiting the headquarters of his monastic order in London! Whilst Gee was training in St Thomas Hospital he was wheeled in as an emergency but sadly passed away. When I was locked in a room at the Civic Buildings that houses Sutton Council in 2009 – a horrible (and racist) woman from the DWP was stopped in her tracks by a letter that arrived from Father Roger – which I asked to be read-out. He stated that what Sutton Council and the DWP were doing was ‘wrong’ and that my family were good people battling against the many corruptions of the modern British State! I had declared that I taught martial arts in my spare time – but Sutton Council at the time was busy assisting the DWP in the persecution and imprisonment of ordinary people – all with the support of ‘New’ Labour! They were trying to do me for fraud but I faced them-down and ‘appealed’ – with Sutton Council admitting for the first time in its history that they were (partially) incorrect in the action they took against me! Of course, as Sutton Council is corrupt and racist from top to bottom – it tried to make-out that it was my fault that it was persecuting me. They even tried to say that I was ‘lying’ about my poor eyesight! This was countered with my Moorfields history, etc. My point is that in my hour of greatest need it was ‘religion’ that came to my aid and not ‘politics’! Indeed, I was in this situation entirely because of the anti-poor and anti-disabled policies of ‘New’ Labour!

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