Falun Gong Cult Plagiarize Script of Highlander Film! 

Li Hongzhi Attempts – and ‘Fails’ – to Upright a Bus with his Psychic Powers!

Li Hongzhi – the embittered leader of the Falun Gong Cult – has issued one of his less than cogent dictates which states in-part: 

‘The Living-Buddha declares that from now on – and until further notice – all Falun Gong Cult sub-branches residing within capitalist societies, are hereby advised to utilise the script to the Hollywood movie ‘Highlander’ (1986)! The Living-Buddha has seen in a vision that ‘There Can Be Only One’ and that this story-line best explains the almighty power that I possess and presents the correct level of ‘threat’ that I exude and inflict upon the world! The ordinary peasants of the world must hear, fear and obey!’ 

‘I Wish I Could Fly’ – Falun Gong Cult Members Attempt ‘Take-Off’!

Although the mental health of the ‘Living Buddha’ is invariably a matter of great concern – it is certainly the case that whilst his physical health fails, his psychological well-being is only held together by his CIA-handlers and the endless stream of young children that pass through his LA mansion on their way to be sexually and physically abused by the ‘Living-Buddha’ himself – and those who share the upper-echelons of Falun Gong Cult power. As the ‘Living-Buddha’ ages and his physical health fails – he appears less and less in public in an attempt to hide the fact that his self-proclaimed ‘qigong’ actually does not work and is certainly not worth the extortionate amounts of money that he charges! 

Falun Gong Cult – ‘There Can Be Only One!’

Rumour has it that the US government has begun a programme of selecting ‘doubles’ for Li Hongzhi to prepare for the inevitable demise of the original! A CIA-spokesman has explained ‘Although there can be only one – no one has said that there cannot be an endless stream of the ‘one’! This is how we shall defeat Communism in China!’ Meanwhile, whilst the Falun Gong Cult and the US government mutually masturbate one another through their collective stupidity – the police forces of the world are moving-in to clear-up the social devastation that the Falun Gong Cult leaves in its wake! 

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