Hindutva Ideology Takes on Western Science – Which Will Prevail?

Ancient Hindu Practices – BJP Rival to Western Science!

The fascist BJP arrest Indian scientist who claims ‘Licking a Cow’s Arse Not as Effective as Vaccine Against Covid19!’ Prime Minister Modi immediately went on the offensive defending a such ‘traditional remedies’ by stating that British imperialism is to blame for the introduction of rational science into India – a destructive process which saw the inevitable watering down and weakening of cultural modes of expression that had served the Indian people for thousands of years! Covid19 is a chance to prove to the Western world that its obsession with material science can be equalled and even transcended by licking a cow’s arse – after all – cow’s arses are everywhere in India whilst Western scientists are few! He finished his speech by advising the Indian people to ‘stick to what they know’ and don’t become ensnared by Western thinking! ‘Let the world see just how high we can pile the bodies of Indians in an attempt to prove the efficacy of our ancient religious system!’ Modi exclaimed to a stunned G7 audience via satellite link… Modi advised the Indian people ‘India can produce cow’s arses quicker and in greater quantities than the West can produce their superstitious vaccines! Support Hindutva by drinking cow’s urine if you cannot find a convenient arse to lick – it is OK – Brahma does not discriminate!’ 

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