Email: Karl Marx as the ‘New’ Plotinus! (25.4.2021)

Karl Marx – ‘Like Plotinus’ – Was a Western Buddha!

Dear Gillian

Philosophy today, is mostly a preparation for a pay-cheque or terminal unemployment (probably the latter). Whereas in ancient Greece and Rome, philosophy was most definitely taken more seriously and perceived as an effective ‘vehicle’ used in the preparation of the adherent calmly face the ‘dying’ process, regardless of whether the shuffling off of the mortal coil happened naturally or by some other means! Whatever the case, Karl Marx, in my view, completed the Western experiment with philosophical truth (outside of religion), but his genius is ignored due to the bourgeois system fearing his conclusions and attempting to prevent his influence from naturally spreading through society. The bourgeoisie is acting in self-defence and protecting the ‘con’ it’s got going – exploiting the majority of society for the enrichment of the benefitting few (a socio-economic process that Marx clearly ‘saw through’ and made the premise of his life’s work)! As Marx is ignored and his accomplishment suppressed – those who study philosophy (today) have no choice but to reduce it to the collection of a sterile lists of dates, names and general (categorised) ideas designed to pass simple ‘recall’ and ‘association’ examinations! This keeps the subject of philosophical thinking in a state of arrested development – similar to physicists getting on with the daily activity of teaching whilst omitting everything Albert Einstein developed (and proved) from the general scientific narrative (due to a ‘fear’ of his Socialist leanings)! Marx is the true inherited of the Western philosophic tradition because he ‘sees through it’ as a unified subject and completes it as a vehicle for personal and societal transformation!

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