Katy Morgan-Davies: Deciphering the Psychology of Implanted Memories

Katy Morgan-Davies (Left) Received ‘Rewards’ for Framing Her Father (Right)

Implanted memories are a form of abuse often used by the State (and its various colluding institutes) designed to fabricate an interpretation of the past (or present) that although not ‘real’ in the literal sense, are nevertheless used to construct an interpretation of events that have been decreed to be ‘preferable’ to the prevailing reality. Feral police officers, social workers, journalists, psychologists and psychiatrists, etc, have all been found guilty (at various times) of concocting narratives of historical events that possess no genuine relationship with verified material conditions as observed. The reasons for doing this are mainly concerned with ‘framing’ individuals and groups with alleged crimes they did not commit. A prime example of this phenomenon (often used in studies) is that of the ‘devil worshipping’ scare in the US in the 1980s – where far-right Christian groups – acting in collusion with local police, school staff and social workers accused non-Christian parents of subjecting their children to sexual abuse as part of devil-worshipping rituals! Not one single incident of this absurd notion was ever proven to have happened. In the UK, social services colluded with local Councils, police and school staff to accuse parents from impoverished backgrounds of deliberately inflicting various types of abuse upon their children – simply because they were poor! Again, following an objective investigation, all these accused families were cleared of these charges! 

Katy Morgan-Davies on Social Media

Given that this type of manipulation of the gullible by the forces of the State is well-known – why is the 80-year-old Aravindan Balakrishnan still languishing in a UK prison simply because the British State decided to persecute him for his political views? Being a Socialist is not ‘illegal’ in the UK – at least not yet. Supporting Communist China is not ‘illegal’ in the UK (despite the routine ‘prejudice’) – and as far as I can tell – being of ‘Malayalee’ (Kerala) extraction (as Aravindan Balakrishnan is) is not a crime in the UK! To move against Aravindan Balakrishnan (and the ‘Workers’ Institute) the British State deliberately targeted his British-born daughter – known in the UK media as ‘Katy Morgan-Davies’ – and through endless social worker, police and legal interviews, slowly ‘convinced’ her that something ‘bad’ had happened to her during her childhood – when in fact Katy benefitted extensively from a progressive upbringing, being loved and supported by a community of caring people. As the case against her father did not exist when the British State made its move against the Workers’ Institute, and given there is no ‘objective’ or ‘independent’ evidence proving these events happened at all – the British State was careful to build its case around the testimony of Katy – using the ‘pressure’ of the formal interview process to prepare her mind to be susceptible for the required ‘false memories’ to be implanted. 

As With All Fascist ‘Lies’ – Katy Morgan-Davies – Has Had Her Fabrications ‘Translated’ into German!

Once Katy was recorded ‘repeating’ back the desired statements, one or two other people were ‘threatened’ with prosecution and imprisonment if they did not ‘support’ what they knew were ‘lies’ about Aravindan Balakrishnan. When existing within the isolation of police custody, the sheer ‘fear’ and instability of the situation often compels people to say anything just to change the circumstance and get out of their predicament! This is all the product of the basic psychological underpinnings of ‘interrogation technique’ and explains exactly ‘why’ the police do what they do. I have spoken extensively to members of the Workers’ Institute and read various in-depth and pivotal documents surrounding this case. It is interesting that during police interviews – Katy was deliberately ‘led’ and ‘coerced’ to say things she would not have said or even thought of herself if the ideas were not first ‘implanted’ in her mind. Furthermore, despite being the lynchpin of the British State persecution of her 80-year-old father – she has stated upon social media that she ‘dislikes the police’! This is an extraordinary statement from someone who is portrayed as a ‘victim’ by the British media, with the police being presented as her ‘saviour’! Simply from observing the online behaviour of Katy – and reviewing police interviews, etc – I believe Aravindan Balakrishnan is ‘innocent’ and a victim of a ‘miscarriage of justice’! He has been persecuted for daring to express support for New China and for his left-wing (Maoist) political ideological leanings! Katy must understand what has happened to her and ‘retract’ the lies she has told to ‘rescue’ her father from the unjust situation she has placed him within.  

Katy Morgan-Davies Provides an Unquestioned ‘Racist’ (Eurocentric) Narrative Against Her Father!

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