Black Lives Matter ‘Silent’ About Black Anti-Chinese Racism!

The White Supremacy movement has its roots deep with Western colonialism and imperialism. Over the last five-hundred years, both Africa and China have been occupied and ripped apart by Western imperialists. Africans lost their land and were enslaved – whilst the Chinese lost their land and were indentured. Both ethnic groups have been – and remain – the historical victims of White racism and imperialistic attitudes. Under President Trump – the racism toward China (although not Africa specifically) was intensified to a new level of vindictiveness by the US government! How this manifested within America, at least in-part – has seen law enforcement intensifying its campaign of race-hate and murder against the non-White population (involving African-Americans to a very high and disturbing degree). 

Anti-Chinese (Racist) Tweets from African-American Alison Collins

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a single-issue political pressure group arising within the United States. Its primary purpose is to confront the hegemonic (racist) power structures of American society which have been in existence since the founding of the US. White, British rebels (and their allies) rebelled against the imperialist British Colonial Authorities in the early to middle 1700s. The people who led this were White Europeans of the bourgeois class – who sort to over-throw the direct rule of the British government in London. This was not an attempt to overthrow the bourgeoisie – as both sides were of exactly the same class. The American War of Independence was nothing but a ‘intra-class’ conflict between competing elements of the International Bourgeoisie. It most certainly ‘was not’ a ‘Revolution’ in the conventional sense as the ‘means of production’ did not change hands but remained firmly within the hands of the White middle-class. This war between White people (and their allies) simply resulted in the centre of political power being dramatically relocated.  

BLM ‘Silent’ Over Anti-Chinese Racism of African-American Alison Collins

BLM exists to point-out that the US is a) dominated by the White ethnicity, and b) this domination is often ‘unjust’ and always ‘racist’ toward African-Americans. From these observations it can be deduced that although BLM is very probably ‘Trotskyite’ – it certain is not ‘Marxist-Leninist’. Trotskyism pursues an agenda of skewed and incomplete ‘Marxist’ criticism of capitalist society – but is aggressive and unfriendly toward Marxist-Leninism and any other non-Trotskyite (left-wing) movements. This distinction explains why BLM does not confront anti-Chinese racism, or strive to expose or prevent it. Leon Trotsky, for example, was a renowned anti-China racist who viewed any attempts by the Chinese people to free themselves from European dominance as acts of supreme folly! Trotsky believed that Chinese people could only be saved by White, liberal leftist movements sympathetic to their plight. This might explain why BLM has remained ‘silent’ in recent months as many high-profile African-Americans have been exposed holding anti-Chinese racist viewpoints – expressing those viewpoints on social media! This phenomenon demonstrates how various African-Americans have ‘sided’ with the forces of predatory capitalism and turned the internalised ‘White’ racism out into the physical world with Chinese people as the intended target! 

Alison Collins Accused Chinese People of Supporting ‘White Supremacy!’

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