Email: The Bourgeois ‘Lie’ that Socialism Equates to Betrayal! (22.2.2021)

Bourgeois ‘Heroes’ Who Embraced the Working-Class USSR!

Dear Gillian 

The BBC Refers to the Bourgeois Support of as Socialism as a ‘Betrayal’!

The right-wing (bourgeois) press in the UK reminds me of those confused people we see riding on the bus, Tube, or train, etc. They sit there ‘chattering’ to themselves – as if attempting to express their ‘inner’ confusion in an ‘external’ manner and thereby either ‘make it somehow real’, or at the very least ‘bring some kind of verifiable order’ to it all! The right-wing British media is currently doing just this – attempting to explain to the rest of us just what the British establishment considers to be the ‘proper’ opinion we all should hold about the current royal family scandal – when the reality is that we (the people) abolished the monarchy in 1649 as the head of King Charles I fell from his body! Of course, as a member of the working-class – and a Communist – I find the ‘true’ bourgeois to be a self-indulgent and privileged lot. It is even very much stranger when elements of the bourgeoise – i.e., our ‘oppressors’ – voluntarily take-on our ideology (of ‘Marxist-Leninism’) designed to counter and over-throw their oppression! I mean, what is point of it all? These individuals possess a direct access to all the benefits of living in advanced, capitalist country. We earn – they spend it!  

American-Jewish ‘Heroes’ Who Embraced the Cause of the USSR!

Another lie the bourgeois establishment indulges in is that any support for Marxism is a form of ‘disloyalty’ to one’s country – when in reality it is a ‘disloyalty’ by the working-class (and their ‘allies’) to the dominance of the bourgeoisie which currently ‘controls’ the means of production in the UK. A limited and destructive ‘racist’ nationalism preferred by the divisive bourgeoisie is replaced with the ‘internationalism’ of the peace-loving working-class. This is in no way a ‘betrayal’ of one’s country – but rather an expression of great ‘love’ for one’s ethnicity but only within the greater context of the human ethnicity! A Socialist Revolution (premised upon the ideology of ‘Marxist-Leninism’) change the country for the better and the world for all of humanity! What is brought to an end is the dominance of the bourgeoisie – the most corrupt and deadly class the world has ever known! I would certainly like to read the Russian-language NKVD or KGB Files pertaining to the recruitment of these individuals as ‘Soviet’ spies! Whatever the case, Socialism in the UK is a ‘progression’ of British culture and certainly not its ‘betrayal’. Spying for the USSR (or any genuinely ‘Socialist’ country or regime), is a matter of assisting a progressive element of the international working-class – against a particular aspect of the all-powerful international bourgeoisie – and is not the despicable bourgeois-habit of preferring (or ‘betraying’) one country over another! A British worker does not betray the UK by insisting upon his or her own ‘freedom’ as both an ‘individual’ and a ‘class’.  

Was the British State Riddled with Soviet Spies!

The above BBC radio play is breathtakingly ‘progressive’ on the one-hand – whilst retaining the BBC’s usual ‘regressive’ attitude toward the nature of Socialism on the other! Indeed, its excellent narrative, paradigm, structure and superb performance gave me an insight in the bizarre world of bourgeois Marxism – which comes across as a complete parody of the Revolutionary tradition – at least on the surface (I hope I am not being too harsh against these people who are born with silver-spoons in their mouths – silver mined by my class and spent by theirs)!. I suspect the only reason the Soviets recruited these men was because of their relatively high social position. Their status was useful – although there’s something about this which just doesn’t ring true. It could be the later Khrushchev effect (the recruiting of ideologically unsuitable individuals as ‘spies’) – although the featured Public School is set in the 1930s.  

The Soviet System was Always Careful About ‘Foreign’ Spies!

The ‘Judd’ character is rebelling against his subordinate position within his bourgeois class – rather than from the class itself. He doesn’t see this, of course, and thinks that by parroting a Marxist ideology not designed to assist his ilk at all, he is somehow ‘freeing’ himself from his status! As for the lecturer stating he prefers ‘doubt’ over historical materialism – all Marx ever does is ‘doubt’ the validity of the bourgeoisie! The gay thing is more or less irrelevant. Sort of tagged on the end. I do not mean it has no place, on the contrary, it is the essence of dialectical contradiction. A boy ‘dies’ because of his ‘gayness’ and that is a very human tragedy. The BBC are not our moral guardians and have no right to lecture us on the hypocrisy of its own class decadency! Was the boy being sexually abused and ‘forced’ into gay sexual activity? The narrative suggests it was ‘forced’ rather than ‘chosen’. The shocking reality of British Public School sexual abuse superimposed upon the idea of ‘Socialism’ – as if the BBC is suggesting the two entities are somehow integrated at their base! Tommy Judd has to learn that he cannot study Marx from the class privilege of a bourgeois position. It all has to go or nothing goes!  

Lenin Looks Down Upon the USSR!

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