Houston Stewart Chamberlin (1855-1927) – the Englishman Who Inspired Adolf Hitler!

Hitler Admires Statue of Chamberlin

Most respected and dear Hitler, … It is hardly surprising that a man like that can give peace to a poor suffering spirit! Especially when he is dedicated to the service of the fatherland. My faith in Germandom has not wavered for a moment, though my hopes were—I confess—at a low ebb. With one stroke you have transformed the state of my soul. That Germany, in the hour of her greatest need, brings forth a Hitler—that is proof of her vitality … that the magnificent Ludendorff openly supports you and your movement: What wonderful confirmation! I can now go untroubled to sleep … May God protect you! 

Houston Stewart Chamberlin – September, 1923 

King Edward VIII (Centre), US Citizen Wallis Simpson (Left) and Adolf Hitler (Right)

‘(Adolf Hitler is) a genius born of the miseries of Germany. We may yet live to see Hitler a gentlier figure in a happier age.’ 

Winston Churchill: Great Contemporaries (1935) 

Houston Stewart Chamberlin

Churchill was not alone in admiring Adolf Hitler within Western Europe and the United States. Even the British royal family had themselves practicing the Hitlerite ‘straight-armed’ salute – with Britain’s Prince Philip, of course, being a former member of the German Nazi Party. Whilst the post-1945 anti-intellectualism of the US likes to equate the USSR with Nazi Germany – history records that when Hitler was asked about who it was who influenced his political thinking – he answered without hesitation that it was his best friend (and fellow admirer of Wagner) – the racist political thinking Englishman ‘Houston Stewart Chamberlin’!

Houston Stewart Chamberlin and the Race Struggle of Western Struggle – PhD Thesis

Chamberlin even married the daughter of Richard Wagner some twenty-five years after the passing of her passing. Hitler was of the opinion that the British and Irish were of pure ‘Aryan’ origination – because that is what Chamberlin had written. Included in this list of the ‘racially pure’ throughout Europe were the Scandinavians and the West Germans – although Chamberlin did not think much of the German populations to the East (who had ‘mixed’ over the centuries with Jews and inferior Asiatic-types). Hitler was prepared to over-look this insult to Austria, Prussia and the Czech Germans on the grounds that he thought Chamberlin ‘knew his subject’ and had made a ‘valid observation’. This explains why Hitler never quite comprehended why it was that Great Britain went to war with the Nazi German regime in 1939 – and thought that eventually the English would change sides to join the Hitlerites fight the common enemy of Bolshevism!  

A Young Princess Elizabeth (Centre) – 1933 – the Year Hitler Came to Power!

Chamberlin’s writings are nothing but pseudo-science and mad ramblings. This appears to be all the far-right can muster as ‘intellectual output’. His racist expressions have no basis within conventional biology and are absent from the archaeological record. In other words, other than expressing a prejudice – Chamberlin’s work has no proof to support in the realm of observable, material evidence. Strangely, the so-called racially ‘pure’ Aryan race – according to Chamberlin – has its origins somewhere within Central Asia and explains why Hitler sent numerous of his Nazi ‘scientists’ to befriend and influence the 14th Dalai Lama. Just ‘how’ or ‘why’ the ‘White’ race of Europe would originate in Asia (as if from a hole in the ground), is never explained. A lack of logic did not hinder Chamberlin and did not bother Hitler. Racism is not logical and does not require any basis in material fact to be ‘believed’ – like a faith-based religion. As matters transpired, Hitler was adamant that Chamberlin’s racist thinking was ‘correct’ and started weaving his theories into his public speeches throughout the 1920s – as the membership of the Nazi Party started to grow and prosper.  

Hitler at His Prime – Chamberlin Never Lived to See His Ideas Come to Fruition!

Chamberlin was drawn toward German culture and could read, write and speak the German language fluently (another indicator to Hitler of the British racial superiority). As a consequence, Chamberlin had many of his key works translated into German for the benefit of Hitler and his follows – and was even able to lecture in public – clearly explaining how the superior races must unite against the lesser races (due to their polluting tendencies), and wipe-out these populations as an act of ‘cleansing’ the earth. When this task is achieved, then the superior races will possess purified territory into which its growing populations can expand (Just as Europeans had expanded Westward into America – Chamberlin believed that the Germans would have to expand Eastward into a ‘cleansed’ Russia). It is this flawed thinking of Chamberlin (interpreted by Hitler) that led to the death millions! 

The Victims of Chamberlin and Hitler do Something About it


William L Shirer: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Blackstone Audio, (2016) 

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