Email: Machinations of the Communist Party (13.11.2020)

The Great Kim Jong-Un!

Proud Boys converging on DC for ‘Million MAGA March’ protesting election

Dear Gillian (from Adrian)

The Communist Party in the US is so wreak and pathetic that it doesn’t even get a mention in a paranoid fluff piece like this! Come on – it used to be standard operating procedure to imply that the sinister machinations of the CP was behind any and all civil unrest! Now – no one even remembers it exists!

Long Live Marxist-Leninism!

Dear Adrian (from Gillian)

But such weakness is a position of strength in the current climate. They can get back to basics: the hearts and minds of America’s embattled working class. From what I have heard there are still underground workers’ resistance movements, alliances and networks are needed, filled with real people. Underground is best, it becomes organic and unstoppable (OK so I’m just a hopeless romantic). Leave the Trots to do the enemies bidding: antifa etc are no friends, it is all a Srdja Popovic & CIA job and they are too friggin stupid to see who is pulling the strings. Identity politics is a red herring, and the Trump / anti-Trump stuff falls into that category.

Lenin Will Prevail!

Dear Gillian (from Adrian)

I am reminded of the Monty Python sketch where Brian tells an adoring crowd that they are ‘all individuals!’ – to which the crowd shouts back ‘Yes! We are all individuals!’ – and a man at the back quietly states ‘I’m not…’ And absolutely no one takes any notice! Still, your charitable words are appreciated by the Central Committee, the Politburo and the Special Committee established to examine our interaction and issue a hundred-page assessment of our ideological direction.  

The Great Lenin Leads the Way!

Due to our association with non-European ethnicity – these findings will then be fed through Department of the Commissar for Nationalities and Ethnic Minority Rights – to ensure that there is no bias or unnecessarily ‘harsh’ conclusion that might compromise the redistribution of tractors and the appreciation of the peasantry regarding the recent ‘Collectivisation’ process. To be on the safe-side, the Commissar of Horticulture and Greenhouses is arranging to issue a ‘free’ trowl to every grouping of four peasants that are engaged in a traditional family grouping.  

Mao Zedong Will Smash White Racism!

Given that ‘homosexuality’ is now on the agenda thanks to Boy George (who was mistaken for a ‘highly attractive woman’ by a high-ranking functionary of the Party during the 1980s) – a ‘traditional family grouping is ‘anyone’s guess. Finally, we are all agreed that Donald Trump mostly spouts incoherent rubbish – but have you noticed the very good ‘cut’ of his suits  

President Xi Appreciates this Exchange of Emails!

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