US Democracy Tries to Throw-Off Trumpism! (5.11.2020)

Fascist Trump is on his Way-Out of Office!

Watching Trump deliver his ‘clarification’ of why he thinks he has ‘won’ an election he has obviously ‘lost’ – it struck me that this must have been what it was like listening to Adolf Hitler (in German) in 1933 – whilst he carefully explained ‘why’ democracy was a threat to the German people and how he will do his utmost to protect the ‘Volk’ from its corrosive influences! In just the same way, Trump was elected into Office by the very same bourgeois process that he now terms ‘corrupt’. He has administered the American nation in much the same way that he has built-up his vast financial fortune throughout his life! He bullies, lies and attempts to ‘buy’ his way out of trouble and to impose his will upon the people! The US people – from at least 1917 but more fully after 1945 – have been subjected to a continuous anti-Socialist and anti-Communist ideology that has had the effect of brain-washing the public into having no real idea of what the leftwing is – or how the leftwing keeps the rightwing within certain acceptable bounds. As there is no effective leftwing in the US – the rightwing is out of control and running roughshod over the electorate! Donald Trump has been a kind of ‘cartoon’ President whose ludicrous claims and stupid intentions have been mixed with a casual racism that resonates with many White Americans – and which has also attracted members of other communities who are usually the victims of these attacks! Why would any non-White person vote for a White President who talks about other races in much the same way as Adolf Hitler referred to Jews, Gypsies and Slavs, etc? This demonstrates the extent to which the American people have been ‘disempowered’ by decades of (false) anti-Soviet and anti-Communist propaganda that has been designed to take-away the ‘free-will’ of the American people! Today, Americans can nolonger see their own stupidity and can nolonger discern the difference between liberal democracy and the elected dictatorships of modern fascists. The internal United States is now becoming a reflection of the neo-Nazism that various US Presidents have encouraged throughout Eastern Europe since at least 2014! 

An interesting question is ‘why’ was this election so close and ‘why’ did so many Black, Asian and Latino people – the victims of Trump’s racism – vote for him in large numbers? Part of the answer is found in the fact that many non-White people today, nolonger understand that the racism they suffer emerges from the capitalist system they support. This observation also explains why so many ordinary Americans voted for a bigoted billionaire who has no relationship with their lives or understanding of their plight. In reality, Trump is the epitome of the very oppression they suffer as a class. Most American workers today, nolonger comprehend that the daily hardships they suffer also emerge from the brutal and ruthless capitalist system they have been brain-washed to support. Trump is a powerful symbol of American capitalism to the extent that supporting his irrationality has become viewed as a ‘patriotic act’! Yes – voting for a neo-fascist is now perceived in the US as representing one of the most ‘American’ things an individual can do for their country! Trump is probably not a deliberate fascist – as I do not believe he possesses the intelligence to choose this path as a conscious decision – it is more the case that he is a perfect embodiment of an American capitalist who has acquired his wealth through rich parents and the ‘copying’ of their selfish methods of wealth accumulation, wealth-retainment and wealth-generation, etc. Being ‘considerate’ to others just does not cut the mustard in the Trump household! Cleverness is not required to be greedy – just lucky circumstance, inherited wealth and a biased system which places wealth above integrity.   

Biden will only appear to be ‘better’ than Trump because he is symbol of a ‘return’ to electoral normality. A recent academic article has stated that this US political stability has seen its military (since 1945) kill between 20-30 million people around the globe! The Democrats (Obama is a typical example), often have to appease the US political (rightwing) system by unleashing death and destruction upon the world as the cost they must pay for making a small improvement to the lives and well-being of ordinary Americans! President Obama was ‘allowed’ to instigate his ‘Obama-Care’ medical system (which gave the poorest Americans ‘free’ healthcare for the first-time in their lives), just as long as he placated the political right in America by supporting the neo-Nazi overthrow of the democratically elected Ukrainian government in 2014! Poland, Estonia and various other countries in Eastern Europe now openly eulogise Adolf Hitler and his murderous Nazi regime, as they know the US will do nothing about it! Trump represents the concept of fascism in the US being elected by popular vote! Obviously, he who lives by the vote – dies by the vote! Trump has run his Presidency Office like he runs his boardroom. His wealth (and skin-colour) purchased him the ability to campaign for the Presidency – and US anti-intellectualism did the rest! Trump is discovering now that the power of his wealth has a ‘limit’ when compared to the democratic process. He cannot bully his way to a second term as President of the United States if the American public has ‘voted’ him Out of Office! He is applying his usual boardroom strategy for ‘getting his own way’ in the business world – and when in Public Office it comes across as being ‘corrupt’! 

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  1. This article is useful to reflect on while there is little reflection going on.
    To add to this possibly of use:
    Like every astute business man Trump has exploited various trends among the population to sell his line. There is a huge distrust of authority in America which has a genuine basis, as too there is in Britain , and Trump has ridden on this sentiment to his advantage while whipping up the race card. People should rightly distrust authority in America but believing Trump is clearly not the solution, they need genuine leadership and direction.They need socialism though they have been brainwashed to think it is poison. The catatastrophe of the COVID-19 pandemic and the terrible suffering of millions because of it, is bound to push the American people to seek real solutions, as also in Britain, which can only be in working together and pushing aside the private profiteering hell which is killing them. In Britain people are beginning to find power in unity, for example on the issue of free school meals they have worked together and shamed, humiliated and made irrelevant the government for not conceding to the genuine needs of little children.

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