BBC: Anti-China Panorama Propaganda!

The BBC will re-screen a ‘racist’ Panorama Special tonight, that is full of disinformation and lies regarding the Covid19 outbreak! Indeed, the poor quality of the information conveyed is considered ‘dangerous’ to the protection of the general public and a hindrance to the ongoing fight against this highly dangerous virus. The British Tory government (which controls the type of content the BBC broadcasts), has allowed around 40,000 people in the UK to die of Covid19 due to its poor handling of the outbreak – a number which includes around 500 NHS Staff who died because the Tory government refused to provide the proper protective clothing to keep them safe at the height of the infection! These are the issue that Panarama should be dealing with, that is the things that have really happened and issues that really matter! People are still dying because the Tories have relaxed lockdown too early. All this is a terrible manifestation in the UK of US anti-intellectualism, and signs of a morally bankrupt government that wants to spend public money not on the protection of the public, but rather upon yet another racist attack upon China! Our friends in the Communist Party of China saw what a mess the UK was in, and sent my family a box of masks and other necessities! This equipment saved our lives when our own government only cares for their middle class chums in the city! When I told one of Comrades in China about what the BBC was doing, he teplied:

‘It is really confusing and regrettable that China is a victim of the corona virus, and yet China has defeated the corona virus.

They should look at the problem positively and report on China correctly.’


I observe and counter all this racially motivated disinformation perpetuated by the UK on behalf of the ‘White’ US! We must confront this ignorance on every level. This is nothing more than the ‘normalisation’ of anti-China racism!

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