Email: Words as Spiritualised ‘Code-Breaking’ (7.7.2020)

Dear Gillian

In a very real sense, our mode of communication is really useful for breaking free of material time, or the current epoch embedded in the physicality that we now inhabit. Although words are ‘in-time’ as I pointed-out in a previous missive, what I did not clarify is that how they are ‘in-time’ is entirely dependent upon the ‘Will’ of the author(s) involved in the communication process! Words can be ‘timeless’, or at least written ‘outside’ of the extant time-stream (at least in intent). Of course, a philosophical protest against this view is that our minds and bodies are firmly ‘implanted’ in the era of existence, and regardless of what we ‘think’ or ‘do not’ think, our words express this time zone only. Perhaps, but perhaps not. There are many examples of writers creating texts that are ‘trans-time’, that is written-works applicable to all times rather than the one within which they live. Byron, Christ, Marx, Wordsworth, Blake, Shakespeare, Plotinus, Plato, Mohammad, Malcolm X, Buddha, Krishna, Ruskin, Laozi, Confucius and so on. The list is endless and changes with taste. We are ‘anchored’ in the present, yes, but is a requirement of physical life. It is what we do with this anchorage that matters! Words can be used so that their intended meaning turns inward and protects the status quo, or can be used to turn outward and suggest a meaning that transcends the intended meaning of the words used. Obviously, choosing the right words is the skill needed in this type of interaction. The words we use possess a certain ‘slippage’, where the meaning slides into entirely new areas of meaning that demand a transcendent interpretation. This is how we make words ‘translucent’ in meaning, and loosen their meanings so that a new interpretation is required – a sort off spiritualised ‘code-breaking’! 

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