Transgender Discrimination: The IVA Advisor (25.3.2020)

Facebook is nothing but a capitalist whore that ruthlessly pursues predatory capitalism and US neo-imperialist foreign policy. As such, FB data-harvests our personal information without our knowledge and consent, and uses this data to make millions out of our habits, prefereces and choices, etc. FB continuously feeds advertisements through our profiles as a means to make ever greater levels of profit – whilst censoring the leftwing, anti-racism and left-leaning Animal Rights. Whenever Israel committs an atrocity against the Palestines – FB immediately prevents any debate or the spread of details. Today, an advert came through my browser from ‘The IVA Advisor’. An ‘IVA’ is an ‘Insolvency Voluntary Agreement’ designed by the Thatcher Government in 1985 as a means for the middle class to right off most of their debt without going bankrupt. Tory-LibDems Austerity has killed thousands and placed millions in terrible debt. IVA firms broker ‘deals’ between those in debt and those owed money – charging a hefty commission in the process. The IVA Advisor seem to have made a mistake n their advert today, by illegally claiming that ‘only women’ could use their service! Their advert featured a woman holding a baby and this led to numerous men enquiring why this company was pursuing this discriminatory policy, and where they coud go to get debt relief! The IVA Advisor spent the morning batting-off this product of their advertising error. I wrote the above post on their publically visible forum, and then they started ‘private messaging’ me, the consequence of which Iinclude below. I had a feeling ‘Laura’ was not listening to me! Once I point-out that I was being discriminated against as a ‘transgender man’ because they wanted my original ‘Birth Certificate’ which recorded me as being ‘born a woman’ – The IVA Advisor ‘banned’ me from the site and ‘deleted’ my posts!

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