Sichuan: Buddhist Temples Implement the ‘Six Zeros’ of Infection Control! (6.2.2020)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

People’s Daily Network, Chengdu, February 6th. In the face of the sudden national epidemic, the Songpan County Communist Party Committee of Aba Prefecture, Sichuan Province asked the county’s Cadres to unite and concentrate upon promoting the implementation of the “six zeros” of epidemic prevention work – namely to 1) zero treatment blind spots – by identifying any areas of infection that lie ‘outside’ of current protection zones, 2) zero areas of poor command and control – effectively build strong local responsibility 3) Zero spread – shut-off and protect infected areas, 4) zero false information – all public data must be 100% accurate, 5) zero ideological distance between the Communist Party and the people, and 6) zero tolerance of ANY further infection – stay safe!  

Since January 25, Zhongzhong Jiang (次忠降) – Director of the Civil Management Committee of Maoergai  (毛儿盖寺) Temple in Songpan County – has shuttled back and forth among households in Maoergai Town to organize people and encourage them to keep up to date with the latest information by monitoring central, provincial, and county-level TV news, and use this source of knowledge to treat and prevent new corona virus infections. The knowledge – on several occasions – has made the masses in the area realize the seriousness and controllability of the epidemic, without the need for either carelessness or panic.  

During the Spring Festival, it was the time for the worship of the Buddha at Maoergai Temple. In response to the call of the County Party Committee, Zhongzhong Jiang discussed the counter-measures with the Temple Housekeeper day and night, and carefully explained the nature and spread of the epidemic with each of the Buddhist monks – whom he met one by one. Since the start of the epidemic prevention and control work, he has visited more than 200 households in 5 villages, and some of them have volunteered to join his team; the Maoergai Temple has turned from a crowded “Pray for Blessing and Worship” seen during the Spring Festival of previous years – to a quiet “retreat” mode as a means to prevent the spread of infection – a move that has received strong support from the local masses. 

At 7 o’clock in the morning on February 4th, a special team appeared at the door of the Gami (尕米寺) Temple in Songpan County. This group of two talked with the people after first respectfully lighting incense and worshipping Buddha. This is was the “Pneumonia Epidemic Advisory Team” for new corona virus infections – organized by the Head of the Gami Temple Civil Management Committee of Songpan County, situated in Aba Prefecture. Their task was to prevent people who come to worship Buddha from spreading new corona virus infections. This task was completed through the correct use of propaganda, knowledge, and civilized persuasion of the masses. Today, the masses who were persuaded to return home praised these actions, saying that they were heroes in the prevention and control of any potential Temple epidemic. “Every Spring Festival, many people in the county will burn incense and worship Buddha at the Temple, praying for peace. It is when the people of the whole country are travelling up and down, but they are united in the city to fight the epidemic, and they will organize a volunteer persuasion team to conduct mass advising to return. We need to protect Songpan and protect our homeland.” said Namazeren (纳玛泽仁). Since the start of the epidemic prevention and control work, this special volunteer team has persuaded more than 800 people to return, laying a foundation for the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic in Songpan County, Aba Prefecture. 

Now is the time for medical masks in Songpan County – needed to fight any new outbreak of the corona virus infection. Songpan County CPPCC Member and Buddhist monk named Zhahua Jinba (扎花金巴) approached friends in all directions through his WeChat account and other carriers. Through express post (and other methods), nearly 4,000 “loving-kindness” masks were delivered to Zhahua Jinba for the first time. Nearly a thousand people live near Xiaobao (肖包) Temple in Anhong Township, Aba Prefecture. Zhahua Jinba first distributed masks to meet the recent needs. Zhahua Jinba said: “After the start of this epidemic, I contacted friends from all over through our WeChat account requesting masks – and we received nearly 4,000 masks. Yesterday I distributed some to the common people and donated all the rest to the County Red Cross. At present, there are some basic masks in the County. Donating these masks is just a contribution to me which I pass on. However, as long as we work together to overcome difficulties, we will certainly overcome the epidemic.” (Chen Mingyue – 陈明跃) 

Original Chinese Language Article:

人民网成都2月6日电 面对一场突如其来的全国性疫情,四川省阿坝州松潘县委要求全县干群一心,推动落实防疫工作“六个零”,即:排查零死角,织密防护网络;监管零盲区,强化责任担当;隔离零疏漏,布好源头防线;信息零差错,助力精准施策;党群零距离,布好思想防线;落实零容忍,守牢安全底线。

1月25日以来,松潘县毛儿盖寺民管会主任次忠降措来回穿梭在毛儿盖镇的家家户户,组织群众在家收看中央、省、州县有关电视新闻和预防新型冠状病毒感染肺炎知识数次,使片区群众清醒地认识到疫情的严峻性和可防治性,既不大意, 也不惊慌。






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