Virginia State University: Black Woman Stands-Up to White Racism!

The United States is the land of anti-intellectualism and popular stupidity perpetuated by the White settlers who dominate that society, As White people control US society – and given that racism is prejudice plus political power – it follows that there is no such thing as anti-White racism. The racist White media in the US is packaging the above video as ‘Black racism’ aimed at White people. The attitudes of this young woman are also being packaged as ‘leftwing’ – which highlights the general state of political illiteracy in that rather ‘stupid’ country. In reality the facts are these. Virginia State University has been experimenting with ‘multicultural’ areas on its campus – places that are open and welcoming to non-White students. These are places desiged to empower ethnic minorities so that they come into contact with their White colleagues on an ‘equal’ social footing. As White people possess all the political power in the US – it is impossible for disempowered ethnic minorities to do anything that is not agreed to by the controlling White population. Of course, White people are ‘allowed’ in the multicultural spaces because it is White people who have allowed these spaces to a) exist, and b) to be used by everyone. As White people have not granted non-White people the ‘right’ to exlude White people from these areas, it follows that this young lady was not suggesting that ‘White people are not allowed’ – so what was happening?

The White media has fixated on ‘race’ and has conspired to present a completely ‘white-washed’ version of the events – deliberately ‘omitting’ what actually was happening, and the circumstances to which this young lady was reacting. The ‘Whites Only’ (and racist) conservative organization ‘Young America’s Foundation’ believes that the White domination of US culture should continue unchallenged, and that Black and Asian people should accept their subordinate position within it. Any attempt to bring ‘equality’ to this historically unjust situation is deemed ‘Communist’, and automatically ‘rejected’ by this cartel. As the ‘Young America’s Foundation’ rejects the concept and existence of ‘multicultural spaces’ on campus, they organised a protest whereby their ‘White Membership’ descended upon these rooms and took up most of the seating so that ‘People of Colour’ had nowhere to sit and were forced to leave. As the ‘Young American’s Foundation’ hit all four ‘multicultural spaces’ simultaneously – this led to a tremendous disruption and intimidation campaign aimed solely at non-White people – a reality purposely ;ignored’ by the mainstrean media and indeed, the official response of the Virginia University! There is no reason whatsoever, for White members of the ‘racist’ Young American’s Foundation’ to sit in the multicultural areas when their fascistic political views reject the very concept of multiculturalism! When these circumstances are understood and considered, this young lady is confronting White racism in a polite and controlled manner – she is the victim of White racism and not its perpetuater!

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