How China’s NHS Cares for Its People! (2020)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD) 

Data Supplied by Miao Lian (妙莲) 

Translator’s Note: Whilst the British media is engaged with fabricating all kinds of fake news about China (and ensuring enhanced sales through the use of racism), I have been engaged with numerous individuals in China via WeChat and email, and am being kept up to date by my academic colleagues in that country, and those serving on the frontline of the corona virus outbreak. You may look this up yourselves – but just prior to the latest SARS outbreak – a group of US troops visited Wuhan. Make of this what you will. In reality, whatever caused this outbreak of SARS, the Chinese people, the Chinese Government and the Communist Party of China are all working in a very well and co-ordinated manner that ensures public safety, treats the SARS outbreak and prevents it from spreading. As the usual level of anti-China racism has reached fever-pitch in the West, the Chinese Government has sent specially chartered aeroplanes to bring Chinese people vulnerable to racist attack back to the safety of geographical China! The racist media in the West has helped cause this situation of widescale racist attacks, and does nothing to a) report this reality or b) try to stop it. The following (verified) data is taken from a post which appeared on the Qianfeng Daoist site of Master Zhao Ming Wang of Beijing, which I have translated into English from the original Chinese language. The Chinese NHS provides all treatment ‘free at the point of use’, and allocates 600 Yuan per patient as a personal allowance for their well-being whilst in hospital. ACW (2.2.2020) 

Hu Ming (胡明), a chief doctor of pulmonary medicine at a hospital in Wuhan, explained the process and difficulty of treating a severe corona virus patient, and the cost of consumption. It is incredible that a severely ill patient, from hospitalization to basic discharge, is treated with EcMO. The cost is nearly 400,000 Yuan, or 200,000 Yuan without EcMO. Moreover, there is still post-treatment, and how high is the probability of survival of this patient? Because the treatment of a critically ill patient requires the cooperation of five or six doctors, the cost of a doctor’s protective clothing alone is nearly three to four hundred yuan. If you go out to drink water or go to the toilet, this set of clothing must be discarded for a new set. A critically ill patient consumes 10 sets of clothing a day on average. He said that just turning a patient over would require a group of people to do the work. (Because all the patients are connected by instruments and pipes.) No wonder the country has allocated more than 60 billion yuan to fight the epidemic. To block the source and avoid cross-infection, it is conceivable that proper precautions will be taken to save resources and funds for the country. Therefore, we must obey all the cleanliness orders, voluntarily moderate our behaviour, and not disturb the Government and the good work it is doing on our behalf. As of 8am this morning, 9685 cases have been confirmed! 

In Zhong Nanshan there was tears! The medical staff shed tears! Please cooperate with everyone. The medical staff working on the front line are fighting for us with their lives. And you, just because you’re bored, run outside! One, two, and three people may be lucky, but they may lose all their good health if we are not careful! Whether this difficult time will pass quickly, is as much dependent on the medical staff, as it is on our ourselves! Do not be selfish and do not go out and cross-infect⚠️ 

The best way today to fight SARS is through quarantine, and not to go out of the home ❗️ to prevent cross-infection , the next point to consider is the “outbreak transmission period”. Do not go out ❗️ wear a mask 🈲 and stop socialising. ️ According to the data provided by a national infectious virus expert, an outbreak can fully emerge between 7 to 14 days after infection. The Government extended the New Year holiday for a very good reason. The extension of the holiday is not for everyone to go out. The sun came out and everyone headed outside to their cars. This has been a real headache for the Authorities. It is important to try and control this outbreak before Lantern Festival. Once 🌚 quarantine was assigned to the country, foreign trade was destroyed, stocks collapsed, factories 🏭 closed, enterprises closed down, the people lost their jobs, prices soared, and the economy fell back. The consequences were unimaginable. Therefore, during this period, everyone will take care of the country, assist the Government and respect the efforts of the Communist Party!  Assist the Government by looking after a) your body, b) the bodies of others and c) the well-being of the country!  

Original Chinese Language Text: 

武汉某医院一个肺科主任医生胡明讲解救治一个重症冠状病人的过程以及艰难程度,还有消耗的成本,真的不可思议,一个重症患者,从住院到能基本出院,用EcMO治疗,大致要花近四十万左右的成本,不用EcMO也要二十万左右,况且还有后期治疗,并且还不保证这个病人存活几率多高?因为医治一个重症患者,需要五六个医生协作才行,单说一个医生的防护服等成本一个人就要近三四百元,如果中途出来喝水或上厕所,这套用具就得报废重穿一套。一个重症患者平均下来一天要消耗10套。他说单给一个病人翻个身,就要一群人忙活,(因为病人身上全部都是仪器管路连在一起)怪不得国家这次拨款六百多亿抗击这次疫情,怪不得号召不串门,不聚会,堵住源头,避免交叉感染,可想,防范得当,为国家要节约多少资源,资金。所以,我们一定要听从指挥,不要再给政府添乱。  截止今早8点,已经确诊9685例了!钟南山流泪了!医务人员流泪了!拜托大家都配合一点,在前线工作着的医务人员,用生命在为我们打仗。而你们,仅仅是因为无聊,就往外跑!一个两个三个都抱侥幸心理,有可能前功尽弃!这个难关能不能快速渡过,不是靠医务人员,而是靠我们自己,每个人都不出门,就能拖死耗死这场瘟疫!你侥幸出门玩一次,就是在拖大家后腿一次️ ⚠️ ,当今最好的办法就是隔离,足不❌ 出户❗️ 防止交叉感染,接下来是“爆发传播期”千万別出门❗️ 带口罩也🈲 止出门‼️ 按照国家传染病毒专家的推断,第7⃣ 天到十四天前后会爆发,国家把休假推迟都是有原因的,延长假期不是为了让大家出门的。太阳出来看着外面的车🚙 多了起来,真是头疼💊 。元宵节之前控制不住,国家就难了。一旦🌚 被划入疫区国💥 ,外贸毀了,股票崩了,工厂🏭 关门了,企业倒闭了,百姓失业,物价暴涨📈,经济倒退📉 ,后果不堪设想。 



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