Praise for the Communist Party of China! (2020)

No country on Earth could have responded with the decisiveness and effectiveness that has been shown by the leadership of the Government of China, the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people with regards to the recent SARS outbreak! As I write, a friend of mine in China has forwarded ‘live’ videos of thousands of Wuhan people ‘singing’ and ‘cheering’ – with their windows of their high-rise flats open! They are singing the Chinese National Anthem and Cheering slogans praising the Communist Party! It is remarkable to observe (even second-hand), but there is a very strong spirit of courageousness and progressiveness permeating the land of China which is deliberately obscured in the West through disinformation, deliberate lying, racism and misrepresentation. China is a shining example of the success of a Marxist-Leninist Revolution despite the ongoing US anti-intellectualism that defines how many in the West are conditioned to understand China. SARS will be defeated through Socialist Medicine, Centralised Democracy and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat!  

The West, of course, driven by greed and religious bigotry over the last 500 years, has spread every illness and disease caused by the squalor of its civilisations across the globe – killing untold millions of indigenous peoples in the process! Not only this, but on occasion these ‘imperialist’ powers deliberately ‘infected’ various ethnic groups as a means to eradicate them and steal their land. When the Black Death struck Europe (passed on by Western filth), the powers that be blamed the immense losses in human life on some kind of divine punishment! Indeed, many Europeans in the medieval times only learned to wash themselves when encountering Muslim people during the Crusades! Only then was it suggested to Western knights that there was a link between cleanliness and the maintaining of health – but there was still a long path for Westeners to travel before they rediscovered the level of medical knowledge possessed by the ancient Greeks! China, on the other hand, is one of the oldest, continuous cultures on the planet. Chinese people are very clean and tidy. Not only this, but for the body to be kept clean, the mind must also be kept clean. This is why the cultivation of ‘virtue’ is not only found in the three religions of Confucius, Buddha and Laozi, but is a fundamental (secular) ingredient of Chinese Communist ideology!  

The Communist Party of China is pushing ahead with its successful Revolution and it does not need the approval of the West to do this! The CPC can ‘wait’ for the conditions in the international world to be right before it overtly supports any calls for Revolution in other countries (although this is a covert given), whilst on the surface it gets on with building China through the correct and clever use of Socialist Market Forces. Chinese science is beginning to leave that of its Western (capitalist) equivalent far behind! The CPC has shown remarkable leadership skills and has stood-up to every threat the West has had to offer. Chinese troops even inflicted debilitating military defeats on the US military during that country’s aggression in Korea during the early 1950s! Under the CPC the ‘false consciousness’ that Karl Marx identified is clearly perceived, checked an uprooted!  

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